With summer quickly approaching, there are essential hair care tips you need to know and follow for happy, healthy extensions. Unfortunately, summer poses new challenges for hair extensions due to the Heat, humidity, outdoor conditions, UV rays, and more. Today you will learn professional tips to protect your hair extensions throughout summer!

Stunning Summer Hair Extension

1. Wear Loose & Comfortable Hair Styles 

Tight hairstyles can pull and tear hair, even more so in the summer due to dry hair. By wearing loose and comfortable styles, you can prevent damage and minimize exposure to the sun. A messy braid is a great go-to summer option.

A messy braid

2. Wash Less Frequently 

Overwashing your hair can strip your scalp and hair of its natural oils. Dry hair is weak, leading to breakage, brittleness, and more. The dryness can also lead to an overproduction of oil, another thing you do not want. Wash your hair twice weekly for optimal results, and go from there. 

3. Cover Up This Summer 

A scarf or hat is one of the best ways to protect your hair extensions in summer. External protection such as hats and scarves protects against UV rays but also protects against wind damage, tangling, and more. Another benefit is retaining more scalp mister to keep your hair healthy and strong.  

Hair extension storage bag

4. Reduce Heat 

Your hair extensions are already exposed to large amounts of Heat during the summer months, which means you want to reduce added Heat as much as possible and minimize blow-dry use and flat irons, as they can cause more damage. A better alternative is to air-dry your hair for that sweet summer look. 

5. Minimize Chlorine And Saltwater 

You want to avoid chlorine and salt water as much as possible. Chlorine and saltwater are damaging to both your natural hair and hair extensions. They can cause various problems, including dryness, tangling, and discoloration. The best way to protect your hair is to put it up to prevent it from getting wet or put on a swim cap to protect your extensions. If your hair does go underwater, use shampoo and conditioner immediately after. 

6. Moisturize Your Hair Extensions 

The summer heat naturally dries out your hair and extensions, which means you need to keep your extensions moisturized. Dry hair can cause breakage, brittleness, and more, so use a hydrating conditioner after washing your hair. Another option is to see your stylist for deep conditioning treatments. 

7. Follow Safe Brushing Practices

Summer hair is more easily tangled, so you must carefully brush it not to pull it out. Safe brushing practices include not pulling anything through your hair when wet and using wide-tooth combs, as they are a gentle option to untangle your hair. 

8. Regularly Trim Your Hair 

Take regular trips to your stylist to trim your hair and remove split ends. Split ends will make your hair look dry and frizzy, which is the last thing you want this summer. So instead, keep your hair looking amazing with regular hair trims. 

Enjoy Your Summer With The Hair You Love! 

Now you know how to keep your extensions looking their best all summer! These tips are simple and easy, especially when incorporated into your routine. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and ask or go directly to your stylist for more personalized solutions. Enjoy your summer with complete peace of mind knowing your hair is cared for! 

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