How To Perform After-Care Of Your Hybrid Wefts?


Did you recently install hybrid extensions? Maybe you are about to have them installed? That’s great news! Today we will show you how to get the most out of your extensions so they stay healthy, fresh, and fabulous for years to come! These methods are not only suitable for your weft, but they are great for your natural hair as well. You will learn to care for your wefts to prevent damage, excessive wear, and reduced wearability. Follow the top tips below to get the most out of your hybrid weft extensions

Hairlaya Hybrid Wefts

Brush Your Hybrid Weft Extensions Before Shampooing 

You want to brush your hair to make it knot and tangle-free. One of the best ways to have tangle-free hair is to brush your hair before shampooing. You want to use a soft bristle brush because they are gentle on the hair and won’t cause any damage to your extensions. One of the best ways to prevent damage or excessive pulling is to brush from the bottom up, which is suitable for your weft and natural hair. Minimize tangles and knots by brushing before shampooing. 

Use A Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulfates can strip your hair of its natural moisture resulting in dryness, weakness, breakage, and brittleness. This is true for both your natural hair and hybrid wefts. The weaker your scalp and hair, the less likely your extensions will maintain integrity and longevity. Choosing a sulfate-free shampoo will help keep your hair’s moisture and natural oil so your hair, scalp, and weft stay healthy. Maximize hair and extension health with a sulfate-free shampoo. 

Wash Your Hair One To Two Times Per Week 

Hybrid extensions wear out faster when they are overwashed. Reducing your washes will help your hybrid wefts and be suitable for your natural hair. Overwashing can strip your hair of its oils and zap away the moisture resulting in brittle, dry, and weak hair. Keep your hair wash sessions to one or two per week to maximize the health of your extensions and natural hair. 

Protect Your Hair Before Bed 

To minimize knotting and tangles, you want to put your hair in a protective style before bed. Braids are a great option to avoid tangling and further preserve longevity. Another good option is a low ponytail which also minimizes tangles. Finally, you want to avoid tight elastics to prevent severe damage and opt for something like scrunchies. 

Blow Dry Your Hair Extensions 

Blow drying helps preserve longevity because it quickly dries your hair. However, your hair is most fragile when wet, so you want to use a heat protectant and get it 80 percent dry before blow-drying. You also want to use a microfiber towel because regular towels can cause damage. 

Stay Consistent For Healthy Hair And Extensions 

Doing something once in a blue moon is not enough. Stay consistent with these tips to keep your extensions and hair healthy. The best way to do this is to develop a routine to get in a rhythm and stay on top of it. Feel free to reach out or check our blog for more informative posts if you have any questions. For more personalized answers, you want to speak directly to your stylist. 

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