A Guide to Finding a Salon or Stylist to Install your Hairlaya Hand-Tied Extensions

We here at Hairlaya know it can take a lot of time and effort to find a salon or stylist who can install your hand-tied extensions and match your boss-babe vibes! Here’s a quick guide that can help you search for the right stylist for your hand-tied extensions. 

Do you prefer a freelance stylist or a stylist who works for a salon?

A freelance stylist is someone who works independently, usually in a salon suite. If you prefer this kind of stylist, look for freelancers with hand-tied certifications. If you prefer a salon environment, go for a stylist attached to a salon with hand-tied certifications. 

How much experience does the stylist have?

If you’re new to hand-tied extensions, you need a stylist with a vast amount of experience under their belt who can inform and guide you through the process. Ask the stylist questions about their experience: are they hand-tied certified? How many times have they installed hand-tied extensions? How many current hand-tied customers do they have? 

Is there any word-of-mouth or any recommendations from friends?

Check out the stylist or salon on Yelp, or any of your preferred websites to find out what former and current clients are saying. The salon you’re looking at might excel in other areas, but maybe isn’t your best choice for hand-tied installation. If any of your besties have hand-tied extensions installed, ask them where they went and what their experience was. 

What is your ideal price point for hand-tied installation?

Hand-tied extensions are always going to be a luxury investment, but pricing is going to vary from stylist to stylist. Buying the hand-tied extensions and having them installed costs between $1000 and $2000, so take advantage of consultations with stylists for how they price. 
If you’re still unsure where to start looking for a stylist, check out the Hairlaya Salon Locator, with stylists we recommend all over the country!
Reach out to our local Dallas team if you have any questions. We are happy to help. Reach us at (866) 668.5292 or contact@hairlaya.com.
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