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Got clients wanting to try out a different hair color but refuse to damage their own fine hair? Wanting to have lustrous hair with naturally full and voluminous locks like celebrities? The hand-tied extension is here to rescue!

With a snap of the finger, the hair gets thickened or lengthened with a glamorous look. Extensions can be used for a special event. Hand-tied extensions would be perfect for a wedding, the holiday season, or even to strengthen your natural hair for a few months.

Is getting hand-tied extensions complicated? 

With professional coaching and practice, not at all! In fact, the application is super easy and painless!

First, put beads throughout your client’s hair to sew the extensions into the beads. 

Second, place the hair wefts with clips to visualize the hair before sewing. 

Lastly, sewed 3 rows of wefts throughout natural hair. 

(Check out the tutorials on Hairlaya to learn more)

All about maintenance

How long do hand-tied extensions last?

The extensions are typically good for 8-12 weeks. As the hair grows, the wefts will move further from the scalp. You can phone up your clients and ask them to come in for a reset to come in 8 weeks, with each reset takes 60-90 minutes. 

The kind of hair extension method the client chooses will ultimately depend on the condition of their natural hair. For example, someone who has naturally thick and coarse hair will need different options than someone who has fine hair. If the client’s hair grows at a fast pace, they will have to come in the salon a bit more often.

To maintain the hair extension to last longer. It is important to ask your clients to 

keep the hair clean! 

brush the hair 2-3 times with a bristle brush daily.

Any secret tips from Hairlaya to make the hair-extension fabulous?

Here are 5 exclusive tips only for Hairlaya blog readers:

  1. The hair should be brushed regularly to avoid matting.  
  2. When showering, washing, drying, the hair extension should be a bit more carefully handled than before the extension.
  3. It is recommended to wash your hair 3-4 times a week.
  4. It is not recommended to go to bed with your hair wet, or to let the roots of your hair air dry, which might cause the weft to sag.
  5. When you sleep, leave your hair free aside instead of tie it up with a hair band.

Does Hairlaya recommend some products used with hand-tied extensions?

It is super important to keep the hair detangled and healthy. A moisturizing shampoo is recommended to keep the extensions hydrated.

If you use a leave-in conditioner after washing your hair, make sure do not apply too much otherwise it will look oily. 

All about experience

Will hand-tied extensions look unnatural or bulky?

Not by any means. Hand-tied extensions look seamless and natural. It blends in perfectly with the naturally grown hair. The extensions won’t damage the clients’ hair since they are all-natural human hair. 

In fact, Hairlaya's extension wearer see hair growth and improvement after using hand-tied extensions!

Make sure to match your hand-tied extensions to your clients’ hair color.

Will hand-tied extensions be itchy or heavy?

Only in very rare cases- Hand-tied extensions can seem tight the first few days after application. This is because the wefts are placed close to the scalp and can cause sensitivity to begin with. Hand-tied wefts can also feel slightly itchy the first few days to a week and this will subside.

As long as you get the proper volume of hair, it will be as natural as wearing your own hair. Once got a hand-tied extension, you can pull your hair up, work out, play with your hair… literally anything you regularly do!

Remember to remind your clients to not remove permanent or semi-permanent hair extensions without going to a stylist, always get them removed at the hair salon the extensions were installed. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the scalp.

Can I still curl or style my hair after getting a hair extension?

Yes. You can style the extensions as you please. Just that the styling/washing time will increase 5 to 10 minutes compared with before as you need to take a bit extra care when handling the hair with hand-tied extensions.

Can I go swimming after getting a hair extension?

Yes, absolutely! Sure you can go swimming without qualms. You are recommended to handle your hair with extra care when you stuff them into your swimming cap though. If you choose to not wear a swimming cap, just avoid too crowded swimming pool and you will be fine.

Budget Concern

How much do hand-tied extensions cost? 

The cost of the extensions can vary depending on the quantity, the more hair you need, the more expensive it is going to be.

A full head of hair extensions will take 2 or 3 hours to fit, - and this, therefore, means that it can be an expensive service, the investment is around $1200 to $2400, depending on the options the clients choose, for the entire package with certain discounts.

It is an investment because when you invest in yourself, you get good looks and confidence in return!

Choose Hairlaya to get a full head of fabulous hair and become the envy of the room.

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