Six shaded colors of Hand-tied Extensions Launched. Rooted & Balayage 

Hairlaya is very excited to announce the launch of 6 fabulous new colors!
These six most popular Rooted and Balayage colors are ethically sourced, exquisitely designed, and grandiosely launched! Every single strand is evidencing the efforts Hairlaya has put in. With this hand-picked collection, stylists will be able to get the best hair colors for their clients!

You will have three most often used rooted colors!

Most blonde babes with hair that they get colored highlighted any coloring where their natural regrowth grows darker. So installing rooted hair looks more natural without dye their hair extensions. It looks more blended and saves a lot of time and money. Also, it is easier for the stylists to style the extensions in their natural color and highlight.
Hairlaya Rooted hand-tied extensions
Hairlaya rooted collection's hand-painted technology ensures that they are a perfectly lived-in look without the need for chemicals. They come 7cm darker color in root transitting into a natural lighter blonde color. So for the stylists, raw, blended hair looks will go under your hands much more effortless.

There are the following few colors that come in a rooted option this time.

#4/12-B Dark Brown/Dirty Blonde balayage hand-tied hair extensions
#6/613-R Medium Brown/Blonde hand-tied hair extensions
8/60-R Dark Blonde/Ash Blonde hand-tied hair extensions

Be Balayage, Be Fabulous!

These balayage hair extensions have highlights blended toward the end of the hair. It brightens the extensions and gives them an attractive dimension, making the color gradually grow naturally. When blonde shades blend into the hair, it creates a sun-kissed natural-looking hair color. With balayage extensions, you can enjoy a beautiful blonde balayage look despite your original hair color.
Hairlaya balayage hand-tied hair extensions
The benefits of Balayage hair extensions:
  • Minimum maintenance —When your hair grows out over time, balayage extensions with the roots being darker themselves are not very noticeable. Therefore, you can prolong the time before you have to go back to the salon for extension move-ups. In addition, balayage hair is super easy and comfortable to style. It gives you an effortless, perfect shade.
  • Suitable and applicable always — Balayage works for all ages, hair textures, base colors, and almost all hair lengths except for concise hair. You can always opt for a balayage extension to look fresher and better.
  • No damage — if compared to the all-over color or techniques that use heat, balayage barely impacts your hair, especially when you install extensions, on which the coloring will mainly stay.
    The balayage hair Mimics freestyle hand-painting techniques providing the most natural transition from root to end.

    3 most popular Balayage colors launched !

    #1B/4-B Natural Black/Dark Brown balayage hand-tied hair extensions
    #4/12-B Dark Brown/Dirty Blonde balayage hand-tied hair extensions
    #6/60-B Medium Brown/Ash Blonde balayage hand-tied hair extensions
    Hope these are very helpful to your journey of becoming more gorgeous.
    These fancy new colors comes in limited stock. 
    Don't hesitate to purchase now!

    The color ring will be upgraded, and all the certified stylists will have FREE new color rings in weeks.

    Christi Marfil
    Christi Marfil

    This is what I was waiting for!! Is there samples or color rings for this??

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