Want voluminous hair extensions but are having qualms about the price? Wonder how much will it cost to get yourself a full head of gorgeous hair? In this piece, Hairlaya breaks down the costs of different extension application methods, such as hand-tied extensions, i-tips, tape-ins, and clip-ins.
These costs will factor in ongoing maintenance or move-ups and layout how long they will last. So let us look at the prices from the following two aspects: More permanent and more temporary hair extensions.

More permanent solutions

Professional permanent extensions usually cost between $500 - $3000 depending on the stylist, hair method, and brand you choose. And when we do the math, we only count the hair on the standard of hair quality that is the real human hair and can last at least one year. 
Most stylists will charge $500 to $2000 to install your hand-tied extensions. For most stylists, this overall price will include purchasing the hair, the 3-5 hours installation process, and any cutting or coloring you may need. Some stylists may charge you for a cut and color separately. The salon or stylist you work with will let you know how their pricing works during your consultation.
It might need ongoing maintenance every six months due to
  • Wefts move up
  • The weaves being undone
  • Your hair washed
  • And then the wefts are woven back into your hair again.
This will generally set you back about $150 per session every 6-month.
Weaves traditionally involve hair being attached to braids.
However, the weft hair extension is a modern evolution of this. Wefts are one of the quicker hair extensions methods because it doesn't involve strand by strand application.
The total cost of hand-tied hair extensions over 12 months:
  • $300-$1000 for the hair. ( Due to the hair usage&quality)
  • $200-$500 for installation by the hairdresser.
  • $150 for ongoing maintenance x 2 per year = $300
  • TOTAL: $66-$150 per month and can be used for one year.
Hairlaya's hand-tied can last for two years with reasonable care, which will save you a lot on the hair investment.
hand-tied hair extensions

How much are tape in hair extensions?

It will charge you $400 to $1000 for tape-in extensions. The average cost of these hair extensions is around $300-$800 (average of $400) plus the installation cost of $100-$200. (1-2 hours processing time)
You may pay more on maintenance for tape-in extensions. Every 6-8 weeks, you will need to go back to your stylist for move-ups since
  • The tapes become gradually obvious
  • Your hair grows out, and the tapes moving down
  • Reinstall the whole head for better blending.
This will typically set you back about $120-$300 every three months.
The total cost of hand-tied hair extensions over 12 months:
  • $300-$800 for the hair.
  • $100-$200 for installation by the hairdresser.
  • $120-$300 for ongoing move-ups x 4 per year = $480-$1200
  • TOTAL: $73- 183 per month.

How much are i-tip hair extensions?

The average cost of installing I-tip hair extensions is around $500 to $2000. The cost of the hair is $300 to $1000 (average of $450), depending on the amount of hair and the number of bundles used in the application, plus the installation cost is $200-$500 with 3-5 hours of processing time.
The installation requires binding strand by strand to your natural hair with the keratin tips that hold the hair together. Keep in mind that the weaves are very uncomfortable when they're freshly bonded in. The tight fusion can cause headaches. And the constant pulling on your hair can lead to short-term hair loss.
The I-tip hair can not be reinstalled. So in most cases, it can only be used once. The total cost of i-tip hair extensions over its lifetime- 3 to 4 months:
  • $300 to $1000 for the hair.
  • $200-$500 for installation by the hairdresser.
  • TOTAL: $500-1500 for the entire thing and $125-$500 per month
I-tips hair extensions

More temporary hair extensions

The average cost of good non-permanent hair extensions is between $100 - $500. Such as halos or clip-ins. If you are just new to extensions, temporary is a great way to start.

How much are clip-ins?

If you don't want to commit a lot of money for hairpieces such as clip-in, you want to try it out. Clip-ins can be so easy to apply, and they give you a little more control of where to use them. If you are more inexperienced and want something that you can just put on, it will look great with very minimal effort. They're easy to put in and remove, and they don't affect your lifestyle or your hair as much as permanent extensions.
However, it won't hold very well on the hair and can have clips been seen if not adequately clipped. And every two months you will need to buy new hair.
The total cost of Clip-in hair extensions over its lifetime- 2 months:
  • $100 to $300 for the hair.
  • $0 for installation since you can have it done by yourself.
  • TOTAL: $100 per month

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