How to Use the Hairlaya Color Ring The color ring is a tool you can borrow or buy from Hairlaya. It has a sample of each hair color to cut out the guesswork of finding your perfect match. You can use it to match your Hairlaya extensions to your natural color or spice things up with a contrast. 


Should you Buy or Borrow the Color Ring? Hairlaya recommends that stylists and salons should buy the color ring so they can have it on hand for their clients. This is a great option for stylists because not only will you and your client be on the same page about color, the client will also get the chance to look at and feel Hairlaya’s 100% Remy human hair extensions. A direct consumer should borrow the color ring so that you are able to get an idea of what color you need without having to physically keep something you will not use frequently. 


How Do I Borrow the Color Ring? Please go to “link” to “borrow our color ring”. To borrow the color ring, it will cost $15, and will be sent directly to you with a free shipping label included to send back after you are finished assessing the color. Once the color ring is delivered, you have seven business days until you send it back. Be aware, if you don’t return it in time, another $25 will be charged. Don’t worry, we’ll send an email to remind you! Even better, once you return the color ring, you will receive a $15 credit towards your next purchase! 


When Can I Borrow or Buy the Color Ring?Our updated color ring just arrived with nineteen color options to choose from!

check out and get started

Hairlaya wants to help you achieve your best hair, so please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. P. (866) 668.5292  E.


Breck Sulin 

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