Why Hairlaya Extensions are the Best Hair Investment


Looking for the perfect hair extensions for you and your lifestyle can be difficult. Hairlaya wants you to know that Hairlaya’s hand-tied extensions are the best hair investment you can make, for many reasons.

What are hand-tied extensions? 

Hand-tied means our Hairlaya extensions are created by hand, not by machine. This is a very specific craft, with only 100 craftsmen in the entire world! Hand-Tied extensions are exclusive, and of superior quality. 

What does double-drawn hair mean?

Double-drawn hair means the hair is thick from top to bottom and will last up to 12 months. This is another sign of top quality and craftsmanship. Single-drawn hair is thinner and will typically last up to 3 months. Hairlaya extensions are double-drawn, meaning you will always receive the best hand-tied extensions. 

What are Hairlaya extensions made of?

Hairlaya extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair. Remy human hair is hair with the cuticle intact, and going all in the same direction. This makes the hair look and feel much more natural, and allows for you to wash and style it like you would your natural hair!

Are Hairlaya extensions comfortable?

Yes! The weft, where the extension attaches to your hair, on Hairlaya extensions is fine, meaning it is very comfortable. This means when it sits on your head, it seamlessly blends with your natural hair and lies comfortably on the scalp. A few people on our team have them installed and are absolutely obsessed! 

What is the color range of Hairlaya extensions?

Hairlaya has just expanded our color range! Hairlaya has 19 colors for you to choose from, anywhere from an icy blonde to a deep black. If you’re uncertain what color you want, you can borrow the Hairlaya color ring for $15. You can borrow the color ring for seven days, and after you return it, you will receive a $15 credit on your account! 

Hairlaya has an amazing Dallas-based team of beauty and hair experts, waiting and ready to help you with anything you need. We are a small team and happy to help you! 

Reach us at (866) 668.5292 or contact@hairlaya.com.

Author: Breck Sunlin

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  • Yes I like to know more about how they put the real hair on and how long it takes and the cost too


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