What Is The Difference Between Synthetic And Human Hair?

One of the first things you should establish when looking at extensions is if they are made out of natural hair or synthetic material. While synthetic hair has made advancements and provides convenience in some areas, real hair is still preferred due to the overall quality, durability, styling options, etc.  

Real hair can last up to two years, while synthetics usually top out around four months. Another big downside of synthetics is the limited styling options. Most synthetic extensions are susceptible to heat and simply not versatile enough to style the way you want to. On the other hand, natural hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair. 

If an extension is not accurately labeled, you can still tell the difference with a simple burn test. Take a small batch of hair and light it with a lighter. Synthetic hair will usually die out and smell similar to a wrapper burning. Real hair will have to be distinguished as the flame will keep going, and it will smell like you would expect from burning hair. 

Determining The Quality Of Human Hair 

Once you have established the extension is made from real, human hair, the next thing you want to do is determine the quality of the hair. After all, many factors can impact hair quality, as you will see below. 

Single Drawn Vs. Double Drawn 

Double-drawn extensions are the industry's shiny star, providing total volume all the way through. However, many extensions will falsely label themselves as double drawn, so you need to understand the difference. 

Single-drawn hair is made up of hair varying in length. This causes an imbalance with very thick hair towards the base and skinnier and skinnier hair towards the ends. Double-drawn extensions offer similar volume from end to end, creating a beautiful, consistent look.  

Double drawn is more expensive because it takes longer to separate the lengths, but it provides savings in the long run because fewer wefts are needed reducing the installation process and creating the glamorous look you love. Double drawn is highly recommended and preferred over single drawn. 

Hairlaya Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Remy Hair Vs. Cuticle Hair  

Cuticle extensions are the highest grade of hair available, coming from one single donor with the cuticles intact. This results in high-quality hair strands that look better and feel better. Remy hair, on the other hand, does not contain the cuticle as it has usually been chemically processed. 

Once processed, silicone sealers and fillers are used to create a shiny, smooth finish, but these quickly wear off, making a dry, rough, and unnatural appearance. 

Non-cuticle hair often comes from multiple sources, which is why it needs to be treated with such harsh treatment. These sources are not always the most ethical, which is another big reason you should get cuticle-grade human hair. 

There are a few ways to tell the difference. One of the first things to look at is if the ends are lighter. Hair naturally and gradually lightens toward the ends, and extensions that are pure one color are usually dyed or blended. 

Hairlaya Full Cuticle Hair

Another way to tell is to slide your fingers up and down the strands. If you can't rough up a cuticle, it has likely been removed with acid and coated with silicone. Once washed off or worn away, the hair will appeal dull, unhealthy, and prone to tangling. 

The last easy method you can use is to put it to the smell test. If it smells like corn chips, it has been treated with funky chemicals and is not the quality you are looking for! 

Learn more about cuticle hair by reading this post: Cuticle Hair: Finest of Finest in Hair Extensions

Why Choose Hairlaya?

Here at Hairlaya, we understand there are many important factors at play when it comes to hair extensions. It's not just about how they look and feel - the way they were sourced, processed, and treated is important. 

This is why we only use hair ethically sourced from Europe. One extension comes from one donor who receives proper respect, treatment, and compensation. It is essential to only utilize ethically sourced hair to stop mistreatment and victim abuse. We believe in empowering people with ethically sourced hair so they can wear it with complete peace of mind.  

Not only is our hair ethically sourced, but it is also all the best quality available. We use 100% grade human cuticle hair to ensure your extensions look real and beautiful. This means they look good on day one and one year later. But we don't just say this to say it; we back it up with our actions.  

Hairlaya offers the best 90-day warranty policy in the industry. We can offer this comprehensive policy as we are sure you will absolutely love the quality. In the rare event of manufacturing mishaps, we will be there to take care of it as outlined on the policy page. 

Find the extensions you love today at Hairlaya! 

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