Summertime is approaching, the season we all look forward to! Taking a vacation and want to swim with hair extensions? Aren't you sure if it will tangle or look crazy? Here are some of our favorite tips for swimming with hair extensions, so they last.
Hair extension for summer_summer time.
Taking care of your hair extensions should be easy as pie. Just like your skin, your hair needs a little extra protection and love during the hot, dry summer months. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your hair looking hot as the temperatures rise.

Summer is a great time for hair extensions.

A common misunderstanding is that hair extension is not suitable for the summer. Judging from recent fashion trends and booming sales of hair extensions during this summer period, many people are still purchasing new hair extensions despite the summer months looming, which is because, in summer, you tend to go on vacations to enjoy the excellent weather. Also, there will be all kinds of parties. With stunning hair, you will be looking gorgeous in all the settings and all your photos.
You can and should rock your hair extensions this summer. Hair extensions may even be able to slightly help you protect your scalp and hair from the effects of summer weather such as discoloration, hair breakage, split-ends, burning of the scalp, and hair dryness.
Summer weather and hair extensions go together! You can wear Hairlaya hair extensions irrespective of the summer's hot temperatures.
The extensions bring extra volume, which helps you cover your hair and scalp, thus protecting your natural hair and your scalp from being hurt by the sunshine and ultraviolet.
hair extension for summer

Why hand-tied extensions are recommended in the summer

Summertime is suitable for which type of hair extension. How to choose an appropriate amount of hair volume to install? It can be super hot in the summer. So you can choose to get an extension of half pack or one pack to make your hair natural but very full. Meanwhile, it would not give you a lot of weight, all refreshing but no pressure.
When summer comes, and you have already got a full head of hand-tied, you can choose to ask the stylist to take it off and reinstall it partially. The part of the hair that has been taken off can be kept aside and reused. You can always trust the quality of the Hairlaya hand-tied extension. They are definitely reusable. You are waiting to be reinstalled and look as good as new.
Hair extensions for summer_Hairlaya's Silk BagUse a silk bag like this to keep the removed hair. - You can reuse Hairlaya's hair extension for up to 2 years. Take care of them better for more prolonged usage. 

Care tips of hand-tied hair extension summer

Apart from the usual hair extension care norms, if you had hair extensions installed, you need to pay a bit of some extra attention in the summer.
While enjoying the beach days, vacations, long daylight time, and fireworks, you can't forget about caring for your hair while having all that fun. If you're wearing hair extensions as part of your summer look, make sure to keep them healthy and looking fabulous. Hairlaya has prepared some summer hair care tips to follow for babes wearing hair extensions:
Protect the hair from the sun: UV rays don't just damage your skin; they can also make your natural hair and hair extensions dry and brittle if exposed for a long time. When spending more than an hour in the sun, wear a sun hat.
Swimming: Chlorine and salty water can do damage to your hair. Before swimming, apply a conditioner when it is wetted with tap water. This way helps prevent your hair from soaking up the chlorinated or salty water, which is very hair extensions unfriendly.
Staying hydrated: Hydration starts from the inside out. Drink lots of water to keep your skin and hair looking great. Plus, you'll be able to take the heat better. You can also use a serum after getting out of the water to help keep your hair from drying out and avoid split ends.
Keep you and your hair both relaxed: Summer is for refreshing yourself. Just go easy and relax instead of go under the scorching sun. You can use less dye and styling to give the hair a break to nurture natural vitality.
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