According to statistics, increasing your salon client loyalty and retention by just 5% will boost your profits by 25-90%. Yep, it grows your business and gets you profit. So that is what you should be working towards.
business growth
Make your clients happy so that they keep coming back. Here are some small things that keep your clients returning. That is, they like you, and they are satisfied with your service or your professional hair extension installation, continually returning to use your services or products regularly.

1. Re-booking & pre-booking

A great way to increase your client retention is to make multiple bookings in advance. When clients have their hair extensions installed, have them pre-book their next move-up, which is essential in caring for their natural hair. The client will think you are very considerate and genuinely believe in their best interest that almost always guarantees a long-term relationship with your client.
Take advantage of this tactic during the lead-up to busy times. Tell your clients in September that you will be busy around Christmas time, so they should book all their appointments right up to Christmas. Showing your client that you are looking out for them encourages pre-booking. Thus increases trust and client retention.

2. Provide the best client consultation

The First Impressions do matter. You're going to educate the customers, so they know more about the process of solving their problems. You can do this by providing free high-value content, giving away a free education, and educating them on your product and what you're doing in the salon. Also, let them know why you're the best and why your hair extensions are the best.
You will find thousands of different questions that people have asked on the internet about hair extensions. Then you know what clients want to know and what they need information on. What is asked chiefly about regarding hair extensions or during a consultation? Questions that come up with the most relevant and requested questions on the internet on Google should give an impressive answer. Write them down in your notebook.
For how to do an excellent client consultation, refer to this blog:

3. Premier service hair installation

You can have lower prices in the salon next door, and you might be busy with many people flooding in. But if you do that, you're never going to grow substantially. You're always going to be stuck with that business mindset being cheaper. Make sure your clients are willing to pay you eight nine hundred dollars for hair extensions worth it if you're doing it correctly using the right products. What you want are lifelong clients, loyal clients that come back to you every six weeks.
For smaller salons and newer stylists, starting with providing one or two types of hair extension installation services that you specialize in would get great results. It would help you to keep your attention from spreading over all of these different services so that you don't have to rush around the salon like crazy.
The best thing to do is start with one service: the one offer you can put in front of your audience. That is going to help your business by improving as much as you possibly can. As you continue to get great results, you learn and learn and learn, and you're getting excellent results for your clients, you're finding it easier to attract clients for that particular service. Then that's a good time to start looking at how to expand and offer a new service, which gives you another reason to reach out to your clients to let them know what you're offering.

4. Implement a Loyalty Program

Loyalty building can be in all kinds of forms. To give you some ideas:
  • Give your loyal clients an exclusive voucher and a special discounted price.
  • Offer your repeat clients a free make-up touch-up. Complete the transformation and make the loyal clients feeling good. Add a little make-up when you are finished with their hair if you don't have time, set up a little station, and let her do it herself.
clients loyalty

5. Offer Package Deals.

Selling combo services in a package can be easy for clients who feel intimidated by all the different hair installation services or who hesitate a lot on what to choose. Also, remember to keep focused and offer limited choices so that you might also like to consider offering package deals for products too. Educating your client and recommending take-home products that address their hair problems can help to increase client trust.
Recommend products that work well in conjunction with the treatments you are providing. Take every opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell but be mindful that the recommendations must always benefit your client, or they will resent you if they feel you are over-selling or trying to rip them off. Building trust is paramount to increase salon client retention.  After the first installation, always give your client a FREE package of the after-care products, including hair shampoo, conditioner or oil, an after-care card, and a hair container to keep their hair removed. 
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6.  Engage with Your Clients Regularly.

Perhaps the essential way to keep your clients coming back is to engage with your clients and make them feel special. To build a bond with your client, start by addressing them by the first name, asking your client how they are doing, how they have been since the last visit.
For non-newcomers, mention something you guys had discussed before or if the client had a particular event going on. If you think you do not have a great memory, it is suggested to keep notes on events and conversations in their client cards! It will make your client feel like they are the most important person to have walked into your salon or boutique that day.
Request feedback if you identify any problems. Make sure that you are the one bringing it to the client's attention before they happen to see it and bring it to your attention. There are so many different reasons why you can reach out to them. Just make sure that you are working to stay ahead of them. Reach out to them before they reach out to you. Some other tips include:
  • Send birthday or holiday messages with a discount voucher.
  • Email clients with special holiday deals and packages.
  • Host some lucky draws to attract them to come back.
  • Re-engage with clients you haven't seen for a while with a text.
  • Send thank-you messages after your appointments.
  • Send a regular email newsletter or email your blog posts.


You want to show that you care and that you have the clients' best interest in mind. Some of the things that you can reach out to them for are to give them some new insights, like the things mentioned above.
Keep these in mind, and your business is about to take off.
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