The Difference Between Single And Double Drawn Hair

For babes who are new to the hair extension world, the first thing you need to clarify is the difference between single and double-drawn hair. Knowing how to tell the difference, you will learn how to choose hair extensions-no matter what methods, and save your money.
Now let's go dive into it:

What is single-drawn hair?

Single-drawn hair means when cut off from the donor, the manufacturer process the hair and leaves it precisely like that. They don't go any further to do anything with it. Some single-drawn are collected from a single donor and then processed. It contains less than 50% full-length hair and over 50% shorter and varied length hair.
The hair extension is super thick up by the root, but you see many short pieces coming out as you pull down on the hair if you look closely. Also, if you pay attention, use your fingers to go through the extension. It's thick by the root and thinner by the end. That is, as you get down to the bottom, it's super thin.

What is double-drawn hair ?

Double-drawn hair means all the hair strands are about the same length. When you're getting double-drawn hair, that means the hair has been drawn to a specific length.
Hairlaya double-drawn tape-in
For double drawn, they are pretty solid from base to ends. When double drawn are made, less hair with the same length can be kept, making the extensions more precious. Unlike the single-drawn being lack of volume, double drawn has the thick volume to the tip, full of glamor.

What is the main difference between single and double drawn hair?

When you're working with single-drawn hair, you're going to have many different lengths in the hair. When you purchase it from the supplier, they usually say they are the top quality double-drawn. So how can you tell? Now, the easiest way to recognize single-drawn hair is by checking carefully to see if there are short pieces of hair. When you start coming down more and more, you start seeing more of those short pieces popping out that's single-drawn hair extension. You have short filling pieces throughout the length of the extension.
The following chart will help you to understand the difference better:
Single-Drawn VS Double-Drawn
Obviously, in the picture below on the left is double-drawn hair, and the image on the right is a client with single-drawn hair installed. You can see that the hair in the right image is getting thinner and thinner towards the ends.
The Difference Between Single And Double Drawn Hair

Why do we suggest double-drawn hair over single-drawn hair?

Double--drawn hair is more recommended even if you have thin or fine hair or thick hair. If you are with medium or thick hair and are pursuing gorgeous beautiful big hair, you should choose double-drawn. But if you have thin or fine hair and want to have a full head of hair to have the right volume, you need to choose double-drawn hair over single-drawn hair because the single drawn might not be able to achieve your expectation.
Double-drawn hair is more expensive because it takes longer to separate those lengths when they have proceeded. You can choose to have just two wefts of double drawn but still have an excellent covering effect, which saves money for you and is with less installation process and lighter than three wefts of single-drawn give you very little harm. When you're getting hair extensions, it's going to be a lot easier to install, and it's going to come out a lot better if you can purchase the double-drawn hair and use the double-drawn hair for the entire duration.
Check our Instagram post showing that the stylist @502littleshopofhairdos used only one pack of #1B double-drawn hand-tied wefts to commit a longer, fuller hair look for a client with fine hair.

Introduce you to Hairlaya's double-drawn hair product line.

Hairlaya provides you with the best quality hair extensions made of 100% CUTICLE human hair, double-drawn with almost invisible and super flat wefts. As the most top-tier hair extensions on the market, Hairlaya's double-drawn hair is of great density, which guarantees your gorgeous full and thick look upon installation.
Benefits include but not limited to:
  1. A fullness that stays in the same length and shape from top to end.
  2. Blending wonderfully with all hair lengths, even little hair.
  3. Offering a more healthy entire appearance of the hair unit.
  4. The thickness of strands allows the stylist to cut, style, and blend without sweat.
Learn more about Hairlaya's double drawn hair products lines:
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