Getting hair extensions is an instant way to make your hair look long, voluminous, and fresh like magical every day. We may inevitably have good or bad hair day now and then, but wearing hair extensions can ensure that you can flip your bad hair days around almost instantaneously.

Now, we understand how hair extensions can be pretty confusing to buy and even wear. Especially when you consider just how many types and methods the beauty world offers. But don't worry, we've got your back—we're going to simplify and show you how hair extensions work when you should buy them and a few tips to keep in mind when searching for your perfect hairstylist.

Different type of extensions

There are all kinds of semi-permanent or temporary extensions or more lasting ones. From fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions that last anywhere between 3-4 months to clip-in hair extensions that you can put on and take off as you please, there are so many options available for you. Here Hairlaya gives you a clear idea of the three most popular types:

Different type of extensions


Clip-in hair extensions are a perfect temporary hair extension method, which can be easily applied and removed. They are the safest and quickest system to obtain longer, thicker hair without the commitment of permanent extensions.

Clip-in hair extensions are generally attached to a base weft with readily sewn clips. Clip-ins require a minor commitment compared to all other hair extension techniques. If you are looking to promote your natural hair's healthy growth, clip-ins are the perfect extension method.

You can apply and remove clip-ins yourself at home. Depending on the number of wefts attached to your natural hair, clip-in hair extensions take less than 10 minutes to use and require no heat, glue, or chemicals.

It would help if you noted that further damage could be caused by the clips putting strain on the thin hair causing hair loss. If you want full hair every day, clips are not the best option that causes stress on your scalp or when taking it off since you do it every day.

clip-in hair extensions


Tape-in hair extensions are a semi-permanent method of hair extensions taped onto the sides of your natural hair with an adhesive magic tape and last anywhere between four to eight weeks if maintained well. Wefts of hair are taped onto either side of your natural hair using adhesive tape. This kind of hair extension is a widely popular choice for many women because it doesn't require heat, and it also allows your hair to grow out naturally.

After clip-ins, tapes are the quickest and easiest hair extension method to apply and remove. Unlike clip-ins, you must have a trained, professional stylist to use this temporary hair extension method. 

Tapes are typically around 1 inch in width and are secured to the hair using adhesive glue (Medical grade healthy non-damaging magic tape with Hairlaya). As tape-in extensions apply to a vast amount of hair, they do not cause as much tension and breakage to the natural hair. 

Tape-ins are the most popular semi-permanent method used by celebrities and top stylists; they are the quickest to apply and remove with the most natural and discrete finish.

Hairlaya tape-in hair extensions

HOW DO HAND-TIED EXTENSIONS WORK? (6-12 MONTHS, highly recommended)

If you think clips or tapes are annoying, you might prefer to go with hand-tied extensions! They'reThey're more subtle, and the layers will blend in better thanks to the magic of a professional stylist's technique. Hand-tied Extensions are essential to make your hair volume fuller. It is perfect for thin/fine hair, which requires extensions to be the minimum to no damage to the natural hair and suitable for all people with different hair needs.

It is always important to consider how much weight, stress, and tension is placed on your natural hair by the hair extensions to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. For fine or thin hair, you should look for the lightest density for hair extensions. With hand-tied extensions, tiny wefts of hair are attached to small sections of your natural hair using links, protecting your hair against the heat used in other types of hair extensions. 

Consult with a professional stylist to find out the perfect extensions for your hair based on your hair type.

Hairlaya hand-tied hair extensions

How to find a qualified hairstylist to install hair extensions for yourself

If you have got a bad haircut before realizing the importance of a good hairstylist: They matter to the world. To have hair extensions appropriately installed, your choice of stylist is critical. Hand-tied hair commitment and a decision and an essential investment with good quality and long-lasting ones require quite some money- a stake not small.

DIY might lead to minor mishaps like hair that's feeling brittle or cause disaster in the form of hair that's totally uneven or even straight-up damage. Causing split ends, lack of luster, or hair breakage, our styling habits play havoc on the one thing we're trying to capture -- gorgeous hair. Hair experts explain the hair's anatomy on our head, offer insight into the damage too much styling can cause, and advise how to keep your locks looking luxurious. Get a professional and experienced stylist to have it done. Failing to do so is not treating our hair fairly: How we treat our hair directly impacts how healthy -- or unhealthy -- it looks.

Try out this SalonLocator to consult with a genuine certified hairstylist, or maybe more than one, to make sure you are in good hands!

Interview your hairdresser to see if she/he gets adequately trained.

Questions you could ask before you make a hair installment appointment.

  1. Have you got any certification?
  2. Have you been trained professionally for installing hair extensions?

If you wear hair extensions regularly, Hairlaya would recommend using only 100% Remy human hair extensions regardless of the extension types. You will be able to heat and style human hair extensions as you would your natural hair; ensure you are using a heat protectant spray when curling, straightening, or waving the extensions. Book your stylist and start looking fabulous today! 

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