The Complete Guide to Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

As the pandemic dies down, we get to meet up and gather more often. We girls deserve to look the best when we finally get to go to events and parties. Many are treating themselves with some hair salon touch-ups. Hairlaya sees a hike in demand for Hairlaya's top-quality hair extensions products, many referred by repeated buyers like experienced stylists and individual loyal customers.
If you choose to look glamorous adding volume or length to your hair or want to have a change of look without damaging your natural hair, try out hand-tied extensions! This comprehensive guide on Hand-tied hair extensions answers every question you might have about hand-tied hair extensions.
Hairlaya has this too long don't read version Q&A ready for you if you don't have time to go through this entire guide but want to have some basic questions answered regarding hand-tied hair extensions.

1. What is a hand-tied hair extension?

Hand-tied hair extension is a technique where a stylist attaches beads onto a row of a client's natural hair to give the hair a voluminous look and a comfortable experience. It looks and feels natural without the need for heat and glue in the installation process.
Hand-tied hair extensions have a type of weft hand sewn to give you the thinnest track of hair for the lightest, most invisible hair extension application.
Hand-tied hair extension is a technique where a stylist attaches beads onto a row of a client's natural hair to give the hair a voluminous look and a comfortable experience. It looks and feels natural without the need for heat and glue in the installation process.
Hand-tied hair extensions have a type of weft hand sewn to give you the thinnest track of hair for the lightest, most invisible hair extension application.
Hairlaya Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

2.Hand-Tied vs. Machine weft

Hair wefts are a grouping of hair strands woven into a thin strip of hair and can vary in width. Hand-tied wefts are the thinnest wefts used on hair types, especially thin or fine hair, due to the ultra-thin weft design. The hand-tied weft can sew in your natural hair for an instant transformation. This method is 100% non-damaging, and the weft is strong and durable to reuse many times. Hand-tied hair wefts are labor-intensive to create, which is why the price is higher than machine-tied hair extensions. Hand-tied hair extension's advantages over machine weft are, on the one hand, it is much more invisible with its ultra-thin weft. It works perfectly for all kinds of hair types, be it thin, fine or thicker.
hand-tied wefts vs machine weft
On the other hand, it is straightforward to add the proper amount of hair based on clients' hair volume and preferences. One pack of hand-tied hair extensions has eight wefts, with each weft is only 15g, which is far more customizable than machine weft since you can decide how many wefts you would like to add.
In comparison, machine-weft hair extensions are hair sewn together by a machine. It weighs 50-100g each weft, a weight too heavy for people with natural hair not thick or strong enough. The wefts themselves are thicker and weigh a bit more, thus not as seamless as hand-tied extensions.
Weft of Hairlaya's Hand-Tied Hair Extensions
The beautiful weft of Hairlaya hand-tied hair extensions

3. Hand-tied vs Tape-in

Hand-tied extensions are sewn into your hair by a stylist. Hand-tied extensions, with proper care and maintenance, can last years on your head! (You can have them taken off to have a break in between) Hand-tied is a good option if you would like to commit to a long-term natural look and style. Hand-tied extensions are of the best quality, far more comfortable than most other types of extensions. You don't have to tolerate any heat or glue during the installation. You can tie your hair up, swim, and exercise without the fear of your extensions being noticeable or damaged. Hand-tied extensions are the most natural-looking type of extensions.
Tape-in extensions are taped in-between layers of your hair by a stylist. It means they can be easily and quickly installed or removed. They last for a few uses, so tape-ins are an excellent option if you're looking to try out the extensions experience or aren't ready to commit to hand-tied extensions yet. They're also a good option if you only intend to wear your hair down or go to a special event, as the adhesive will show otherwise. Because they're not meant to last as long or require as much maintenance as hand-tied extensions, tape-ins are also less expensive.

4. What hair types do Hand-Tied Extensions Work Well? 

Hand-tied extensions featuring thin wefts are perfect for people with thick hair or thin hair, or fine hair, primarily if you aim for long beautiful, glamorous Instagram hair. 

If you want to avoid the heat or glue of tape-ins, hand-tied wefts can be comfortable to wear and touch. Hand-tied extensions are perfect for people with straight or wavy hair types because the beads will lay flatter against the scalp, and detangling can be done closer to the root, just below the beads.

If you wear thin/fine hair, you could read Best Hair Extensions for Thin / Fine Hair to understand more. 

5. How Are Hand-tied hair extensions Installed? 

Typically each weft is 11" wide and 14 grams in weight. It would be best if you did not cut the weft, or it may unravel. The weft may be folded or overlapped with more than one weft per row to adjust the size, depending on the individual client's hair.

The famous "Beaded Row" application method is achieved by applying 1-3 rows of microbeads or rings to a client's hair. Micro rings are placed about 1" apart in a type of horseshoe shape from temple to temple. Most rows contain 3-4 wefts sewn together.

It usually takes 2-3 hours to install hand-tied extensions. It is a relatively complicated process, so it is in your best interest to see a professional stylist if you're interested in getting yourself hand-tied extensions. Find your perfect hair-stylist here with the super easy salon locator. Although you might be able to figure it out at home, the best option is to leave hand-tied extensions to a pro. A certified stylist in this method will understand how to blend your hair correctly, how many wefts you'll need, and the suitable takedown method. Leaving it to a pro will ensure that they not only look good and last longer, but it'll keep your hair healthier by having them done the right way."

6. How to take care of hand-tied hair extensions?

Care for your hair just like the way you usually would care for your natural hair. 

Brush the hair daily and massage your scalp

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Product buildup, dandruff, and other scalp issues can weaken the rest of your hair if left untreated. You are using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. Heavy oils and silicones are not recommended due to the slipping of the beads that are used to install your hand-tied extensions.

Be careful when washing your hair.

If you are washing your hair at home instead of in a salon, don't rub your hair. Be sure to gently brush the hair at the top of the hair along the roots' strands to wash. As for the bottom part of the hair, wash it naturally.

Do not go to bed with wet hair.

With hand-tied extensions, you're not supposed to go to bed with wet hair. If you're going to use heat like blowdrying on your hair, make sure you use a protectant beforehand. Minimizing heat damage is critical. 

Other than that, you honestly take care of them just like you would your natural hair. You will find that the hair is in excellent condition after months, and you can reinstall them once again even when you have them uninstalled for a while! 

7. How Much Do They Cost?

Hand-tied installation costs will vary depending on your location and hair goals, but the price typically starts at $200. This cost does not include the value of the hair.
Recommended Usage by Experienced Stylists(Full head):
Thin hair: 1 Pack of Hairlaya hand-tied extensions
Medium Hair: 1.5 Packs of Hairlaya hand-tied extensions
Thick Hair: 2 Packs of Hairlaya hand-tied extensions

As for the cost of hair extensions, you have different options. Hairlaya offers eight individual 18-inch hand-tied weft bundles, starting at $459. If you're unsure about what hair usage to use, make an appointment with your stylist for a consultation. They usually guide you on the hair usage, length, and matching your hair color.

Revisits to the salon could be needed every 6-8 weeks, starting at $100 to move up (aka tighten) one row, and the price increases depending on the number of rows that need adjusting.
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