How To Choose The Right Blonde Extensions


Did you finally settle on blonde extensions? Well, you aren't done yet - you still have to decide which shade of blonde is right for you. So today, we will cover stunning shades and how to determine what blonde extension best matches you! 

Determining The Right Blonde Color 

The first thing you want to do is establish what type of undertone your skin is. Certain shades will work better depending on your undertone. 

If you have cool undertones, you want to look at icy shades raining from platinum, white, silver ash, etc. These colors will compliment your natural skin, creating a beautiful aesthetic. 

If you have warm undertones, you want to go with warmer shades of blonde, including strawberry, golden, strawberry, etc. These colors will once again make your look "pop" with beauty and complete your ideal aesthetic. 

Does It Match Your Natural Hair?

The next thing you want to decide is what shade extensions will go best with the color of your current natural hair. The easiest way to do this will be to work with a trusted stylist and see which colors they think would work best. From there, you can go one to two shades lighter for a beautiful highlight effect.  

Learn Your Options 

Countless extension color options are available, so it is helpful to learn some of your options. There might be an extension shade you have yet to come across that is the perfect option, or you might be able to narrow down your choices once you learn what is available. Below are some under-the-radar and well-known fan favorites for you to consider. 

Dirty Blonde Extensions 

Dirty blonde extensions are one of the most suitable and popular blonde color shades. Dirty blonde works for a wide range of people, especially for people with warm undertones. This shade is a great way to mix it up, add some fun and excitement, and look your best while keeping a natural-looking hair tone. 

Dark Brown/ Dirty Blonde Bayalage Hybrid 

The dark brown dirty blonde balayage hybrid is another excellent option for people with warm undertones. This is a fun, strawberry-like color, perfect for mixing it up and making a statement. This hybrid remains unique while still looking natural, making it an excellent option for women who want something a little different but not too extreme. 

Ash Blonde 

Ash blonde is a classic that never goes out of style. While many people will look fabulous with this shade, it is best suited for women with cool undertones. This color is great for all seasons and situations, whether you want to stay home and relax or go out and live your best life.  

Icy Blonde 

Icy blonde is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement! This shade is sure to get them to stop and stare and is ideal for people with cool undertones. This is one of the lightest blades available and one of the most appealing. Talk with your stylist to see if icy blonde is right for you. 

Medium Blonde 

Not sure how blonde you want to go? A medium blonde is a great option, especially if you are unsure. Medium blonde should work well with most skin tones and is a great way to change up your look without going overboard. Talk to your stylist if medium blonde is on your radar.  

Dark Blonde 

Going blonde doesn't always mean going light. A dark blonde is an excellent option for warm skin tones and people who want to go blonde but want to stay closer to their natural hair color. Dark blonde has beautiful highlights with dark surrounding hair - perfect for natural brunettes or darker-haired women.  

Go With What You Love 

The most important thing when selecting hair colors is not to stress or put too much pressure on yourself. After all, this process should be fun and exciting, not stressful! Another reason not to worry is extensions are not harmful. This means you get to try different colors and styles without damaging your hair. In other words, go try out the colors you've always dreamed of! If you are still unsure, you can always ask your stylist or reach out to us directly. We have a vast collection and even more blonde options for you to choose from. 

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