A lot comes to mind when we hear "thin hair." Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions, fears, and unknowns we will cover today. If you have thin hair or are worried about thin hair, be sure to read below, so you understand thin hair and ways you can improve your hair. 

Where does this hair come from? 

The first thing to know is where thin hair comes from. So many factors impact hair density, ranging from genetics, stress, and pregnancy, and some even say COVID-19 can cause you to lose hair. With so many factors affecting hair, you must consult a professional if you are worried you may have premature thinning. After all, there are solutions for thinning hair, as you will see below. 

What You Should Know About Thin Hair

1. Having Thin Hair Doesn't Mean You Are Unhealthy 

Just because someone has thin hair doesn't mean something is wrong with them or they are living an unhealthy lifestyle. Thin hair can arise through no fault of your own, even if you are living a very clean and healthy lifestyle! If you are wondering if your hair is healthy, you should look at its overall condition. How does it feel? Is it soft and silky? How does it look? Does it look healthy, shiny, and moisturized? Or does it look rough with split ends and a lack of shininess and moisture? 

If your hair condition seems to be poor, we once again suggest you speak with a professional. However, if it appears to be in healthy condition, just thinning, you have a few options available. For starters, you can live with it the way it is; you can try various forms of treatment, from light and laser therapy to chemical treatments, or you could utilize hair extensions. 

2. You Should Still Treat Your Hair Like Hair 

Healthy hair routines are healthy hair routines whether you are dealing with luscious or whining hair. Many women falsely believe washing their hair will contribute to more thinning, which is not the case! You should still wash your hair regularly, around 2-3 times per week. If this is causing your hair to look greasy, you can incorporate dry shampoos to help improve the look and texture. Don't skip out on hair essentials because of thinning hair - in fact, not treating your properly could result in increased thinning. 

3. Solutions Do Exist For Thinning Hair

Thin hair doesn't mean you can't look and feel your best. Hairlaya creates extensions in mind so you can enjoy your favorite looks and styles without fear of damaging your hair. Both hand-tied extensions and hybrid extensions carefully distribute the weight so your hair can easily accolade them. More importantly, these extensions are incredibly hair-friendly, so you do not further damage your hair. Last but not least, our extensions seamlessly integrate with your natural hair, so no one can even tell you are wearing them. So fair warning - expect lots of compliments on your new volume and length. 

4. Follow Hair Friendly Maintenance Tips

Incorporate hair-healthy routines into your day-to-day life to help combat thinning hair. One way you can do this is by using silk pillowcases. Silk can help protect and repair your hair, reducing frizz, flyaways, and breakage. You can follow our blog to see a complete list of healthy hair-friendly solutions.

5. Consistently Brush Your Hair Daily 

Brushing your hair helps prevent breakage and further thinning by eliminating tangles. You want to use a hair-friendly brush, ensuring you aren't causing more damage to your hair. While it can be easy to skip out on brushing, it can lead to decreased hair health over the long run. 

6. It's Normal 

While it can be easy to stress and worry about thinning hair, it is important to remember that it is normal. Roughly 40% of women have thinned by 40 and 55% by 70. While you might notice yours more than others, it is a very common occurrence. You shouldn't feel stressed, worried, or anxious about thinning, as that could worsen. Instead, look at what you can do, work with professionals and implement strategies to help you look and feel your best. 

Start Combatting Thinning Today 

The fastest solution to thinning hair is quality hair extensions. However, not just any extension will work, as some can cause more damage, such as clip-on extensions, which pull the hair. Here at Hairlaya, we provide beautiful, hair-friendly hair extensions so you can experience the hair you love. Our extensions are comfortable, long-lasting, seamless, and gorgeous. If you are interested in extensions, use our Hairlaya Stylist Locator to find a qualified stylist near you. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions.

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