How To Prepare Hair For Hair Extensions


Quality hair extensions come primarily come down to a successful hair extension installation. The better the installation, the better the hair extensions will look, feel, and last. Messing up on the installation will result in sub-par looks, discomfort, and decreased longevity. Here at Hairlaya, we focus on helping stylists and end-wearers get the results they love, so we will go over the best ways to get incredible results.

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An excellent installation starts with proper preparation. Taking a few extra minutes to prepare the hair will have magnificent effects leading to jaw-dropping results. Today we will go over the best ways to prepare hair for hair extensions so every stylist can maximize their skills. 

Hair extension ready hair should be:

  • Dry 
  • Clean 
  • Flake-free
  • Tangle-free 
  • Smooth 

You and your client will need to work hand in hand to ensure their hair is ready for the procedure. As a stylist, it is your job to prepare your clients and ensure they are on the same page as you so you have quality hair extensions ready to work with. 

Why Hair Needs To Be Extension Ready 

There are several reasons why your client's hair should be properly prepared before installation. The primary reasons are:

  1. The better the hair is prepared - the better the hair extensions will look
  2. Lack of preparation will make the installation more difficult and lower quality 
  3. Lack of preparation will result in slippage, unnecessary breakage, excess shedding, etc

Not preparing the hair can damage the hair, resulting in costly mistakes and leaving the client unsatisfied with the end product. For these reasons, it is more than worth it to take the time to prepare the hair properly and even avoid installing extensions on unprepared hair. You should convey the importance of proper preparation to your clients so they can take the necessary steps to ensure their hair is ready for installation day. 

Routine Maintenance For Installation-Ready Hair 

The good news is more people following a hair-friendly routine will naturally have their hair ready for installation. Maybe they need a few micro changes, but having correctly prepared hair, comes down to healthy hair practices. This means many of your clients will have to make little to no changes at all to enjoy hair extensions. 

A good healthy hair routine is as follows:

1. Maintain a healthy diet with appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals, water, etc. Your diet plays a significant factor in the health of your hair, making it essential to consume adequate vitamins, minerals, and water. 

2. Only wash hair as necessary, as this can strip away oils and dry out the hair. A great tip is to incorporate dry shampoo to reduce wash times. 

3. Consistent brushing to reduce tangles is another element people should incorporate into their routines. 

4. Another tip for great hair-extension-ready hair is to reduce heat styling. Excess heat can take a toll on hair, weakening it and making it harder to install extensions. 

5. Taking extra precautions when doing strenuous activities such as swimming, going to the beach, exercising, etc., are important steps to maximize hair potential. 

There are a few preparation steps that can assist with the above, ensuring hair is as ready as possible for installation. 

1. Cleanse and clarify the hair roots with a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo. 

Utilize conditioner, especially in the mid to end of the hair, to provide smooth and manageable hair. 

2. Thorough brushing removing all tangles

3. Ensuring the hair is naturally and fully dried

As you can see, for most clients, hair preparation is simple and easy. These steps are incredibly affordable, time-friendly, and overall good practices to incorporate into a routine. 

How To Consult A Client For Healthy, Installation-Ready Hair? 

As a stylist, clients will often look to you for help and guidance. The better you can consult them, the better their hair will be and the easier job you will have working with them. The first step is to help them develop a routine based on their lifestyle. If they do something unique such as excess swimming, exercise, etc., you may want to incorporate a few extra steps into their routine.

What To Do If Clients Have Unprepared Hair? 

If a client's hair is not ready, you should be sensitive and informative. Let them know what they need to do and how to do it to get their hair ready for installation. You should also inform them why it matters and how it will be better in the long run. Develop a timeline of when your client can have extensions installed if they stick to the plan. 

Special Treatments 

All hair is different and different hair will need different precautions for the best results. Below are a few things to consider based on your client's type of hair. 

Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is pretty much ready to go. One thing you will need to do is clarify the roots, condition the midpart and ends and ensure it is tangle-free. 

Greasy Hair

Greasy hair will not require conditioner but will need to perform hair clarification right before the appointment to prevent their hair from being greasy before installation. We also recommend incorporating dry shampoo more often and scheduling appointments earlier. 

Dry Hair 

Treat dry hair as healthy hair and clarify the hair a day before installation. Conditioner will need to be applied through the mid-part and ends, and the hair should be de-tangled. It is also essential to remove any flakes during the brushing process.

Thin Hair 

Thin hair should be clarified, but conditioning is unnecessary as thin hair is generally slick and oily. Thin hair should have the appropriate installation method, and appointments should be increased more frequently to catch any early slippage. 

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