Hair Extension Quality - Full Cuticle VS Remy Hair


As a stylist, the extension quality you use will play a significant factor in your client's satisfaction. Utilizing high-quality extensions mean increased longevity, versatility, comfort, and aesthetics. While using lesser quality can lead to decreased looks, longevity, and unhappy clients! This is why it is incredibly important to learn the difference between quality extensions and not. 

Today we will be discussing the difference between the full cuticle and Remy hair. While these two are often lumped in with each other, there are significant differences, and they should not be treated the same. You will learn what they are, how to differentiate them, and much more, so scroll down for more! 

What Is The Difference Between Full Cuticle And Remy Hair?  

No full cuticle and rely hair are not the same! Below are some key differences:

Cuticle Hair: Finest of Finest in Hair Extensions

Full Cuticle:

• Cuticles are intact 

• Cuticles are aligned in one direction and good condition. 

• Hair is sourced from a single donor 

• Lasts up to two years 

 Remy Hair:

• Cuticles are intact

• Hair sourced from different donors

• Usually lasts between 6 months and one year 

• Treated (dyed/texturized) to provide a new color/texture 

Non-Remy/Cuticle Hair 

• Cuticles are not intact 

• Hair is sourced from multiple donors 

• Hair has been chemically processed 

• Hair is usually dipped in silicone 

cuticle hair vs remy hair  vs processed hair vs non cuticle hair

Hair Sourced From A Single Donor 

Hair is sourced from a single donor matter for several reasons. The first reason is single donor hair generally looks better as it flows well in color and texture. Another reason single-donor hair matters is it has less likely to be chemically processed. Hair from multiple donors needs to be chemically processed to create a uniform look. Another reason to consider is single donor hair is generally higher quality and more ethically sourced, making it a much better option. 

Full-Cuticle Hair Is Easier To Maintain 

Since full cuticle hair is natural hair, you can treat it very similarly to how you treat your own hair. While non-cuticle hair is highly processed, and typical day-to-day activities will strip it of its properties and looks, leaving it dull and ugly. Full cuticle hair will retain its natural color, shape, texture, and appeal because it has not been processed. 

Full-Cuticle Hair Lasts Longer  

Once again, because full-cuticle hair is natural hair derived from a single source without chemical processing, it doesn't have the additives that will be stripped away. This means it will maintain its natural luster, shine, and strength resulting in increased longevity. The more something is processed, the shorter it will last. This is why remy hair doesn't last as long, and non-cuticle non-remy hair lasts even shorter. 

Non-Cuticle hair Doesn't Look As Good

How Do You Determine The Quality Of Hair Extensions?

Even from the start, non-cuticle hair doesn't look as good as full-cuticle hair. Silicone fillers cover up things like rough texture and uneven color, but it results in a more fake, unappealing look. Not to mention when the silicone does wear off, the hair will be unnaturally uneven, dull, unhealthy, and prone to tangles. 

How To Test Hair Quality

After understanding the importance of hair quality, the next thing is learning how to test the quality. We have a full article going over the testing process here, but here are some brief points. 

Look At Sample Hair 

Reading and looking at something online will not cut it. If you want to see the true quality of hair extensions, you will need to see them in person. This is why we recommend receiving a sample of extensions so you can carefully observe them. 

Visual Test

The first way to get the quality of hair is to observe it visually. Hold the hair up and see if it gets lighter towards the tips. If the tips are not lighter than the base, it has been heavily processed as hair naturally lightens towards the tips. 

Feel For Cuticles

Another important test is to run your fingers down the hair and then back up the strands. If you feel resistance going up the strands, you feel the cuticle. If the strand feels the same going in both directions, the cuticle has been removed. 

Burn The Hair 

Another test you can do is to take a small batch of hair and light them on fire. Hair that has been chemically processed will not burn well or have a strong smell. While entirely natural hair will burn very well, needing you to put out the fire and will have a strong odor. 

Ask For Your Free Sample 

Hairlaya provides world-class full-cuticle hair you and your clients will love. We believe strongly in our product and think you will too, which is why we offer free samples so you can see and test the quality for yourself.

Visit our hair sample pages: Sample Hand-Tied Wefts, Sample Hybrid Wefts ,and Sample Tape-In Hair Extensions.  

Contact us for free samples once you register your StylistPRO account! 

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