With summer in full swing, you should be getting excited! Unfortunately, summer has traditionally been a down season for stylists - but it doesn't and shouldn't be that way. After all, just look at all the activities, events, and special occasions requiring beautiful, stunning hair. 

Hair extensions should be just as sought over during the summer as they are in other seasons, and with a bit of education, they will be. Today we will go over the top bents you can use to convince your prospects of extensions this summer! 

Spend The Summer In Style 

Summer is for getting out, trying new things, and living your best life. As such, trying new, fun, and fashionable styles only makes sense. But not every woman has the length and volume they need to style their hair how they want to - that is until your help. 

By installing hair extensions, your clients can spend all summer in style, no matter their favorite look or preference. The natural, full and stunning extensions can be styled just like real hair, providing endless options and versatility. Below we have a list of wonderful styles they can use to make this the best summer ever. 

Performs Just Like Real Hair

As we said earlier, summer is for fun! There is just one problem. When people think of summer, they think of beaches, pools, high heat, lots of activity, etc. - all things that were traditionally frowned upon when wearing extensions. 

However, with modern, high-quality extensions like you would find at Hairlaya, all of these summer activities can be enjoyed with complete peace of mind. People with extensions can still swim, go to the beach, run in the heat, and so much more! Sure, there are a few simple precautions and care, but these should be done regardless of whether someone has extensions or not. 

Comfortable And Convenient 

Another concern you have to help your clients get over is extensions are now highly comfortable and convenient. People want to spend their summer days peacefully, relaxing. They do not want to be extra hot or stressed due to extensions. Fortunately, with Hairlaya extensions, this is not the case. 

Our extensions are extremely lightweight, comfortable, and convenient. They require routine maintenance that takes hardly any time or energy and lasts for months or even years on end. Now your clients can look their best while still kicking back and relaxing in comfort. 

Make The Most Of Special Moments 

Summers should be filled with lasting memories. An unforgettable vacation, a special dinner to remember, a night out in the town, and so much more. As such, it is only fitting your hair matches the moment. With Hairlaya extensions, you can help your client get the most out of every moment so they look and feel their best. 

Special moments are often spontaneous, so it pays to always be ready. With hair extensions, they could go about their day as usual and adjust and style their hair when needed. Always stay picture prepared with the help of premier hair extensions.  

Stay Confident All Summer Long 

The best way to have a great summer is to have a confident summer. Hair extensions will help your clients feel empowered, bold, and confident, knowing their hair looks and feels great. Say goodbye to endless hours anxiously staring in the mirror, trying to hide the thinning. 

Now your clients can truly enjoy themselves and be themselves. Showcasing the confidence angle is one of the best ways to get clients interested in extensions so they can have the summer they've always dreamed of. 

Stand Out Wherever They Go

The versatility allows your clients to truly stand out wherever they go making their style go from ordinary to extraordinary. Every girl wants to feel special, and now they can work with Hairlaya extensions. Take a look below and show them a few pictures of the styles they can try to stand out. 

summer hair-hand-tied-1
Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Subtle yet elegant. This style can be achieved with the help of Hairlaya hand-tied extensions and is a simple way to make comfortable and casual hair pop with elegance. This is perfect for the gym, get-togethers, walk in the park, and much more. 

summer hair-hand-tied-2

This style is the perfect way to add unique class and sophistication. It requires long, full hair, making hand-tieds the perfect extension to full them off. This is a great way to quickly stand out in style. 

summer hair-hand-tied-3

A true classic showing the power of thick, full hair. This style can be dressed up or down based on your needs due to the stunning braids and supreme comfort. With hand-tied extensions, your clients can wear styles they never dreamed of before.

sumer hair-hand-tied-4

What else can you say but adorable! This screams cute, summer comfort we can't get enough of. Walk the beach or picnic as the star of the show with this casual yet beautiful style.

summer hair-hand-tied-5

Enjoy comfort all summer long with this fashionable bun. This is the perfect way to keep your hair out of the way while still showcasing beauty and class. Style in minutes to enjoy all-day comfort. 

summer hair-hand-tied-6

Fit for a princess or queen. This look is a complete showstopper and much easier to pull off than you would think. It provides comfort, beauty, and elegance to turn special moments into lasting memories. 

Help Your Clients This Summer 

Now you know the best ways to showcase hair extensions to your clients. Help them get the most out of this summer with jaw-dropping extensions. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! In the meantime, be sure to take a look at our complete lineup of Hairlaya Extensions. 


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