One of the most important factors to consider when getting extensions is if they will fit your lifestyle. You should be able to look and feel your best while still enjoying your favorite activities, whether that is swimming, hiking, working out, etc. 

This is why we are excited to announce that, yes, you can go to the gym while wearing Hairlaya hand-tied extensions. Going to the gym is perfectly fine, but there are a few things you should consider, especially if you use the sauna, hot tub, etc. 

Go Work Out Wearing Hand-tied Extensions

Today we will go over the best methods and hairstyles to protect your extensions while working out! 

Can I Wear Hand-tied Extensions To The Gym? 

Yes. It is important to have high-quality extensions that have been properly installed by a professional. Once that is taken care of, you should follow the advice below. 

Why Are Hand-tied Extensions A Great Option For Gym Enthusiasts?

Hand-tied extensions are an excellent option for everyday life, special moment, and working out. They truly are the do-all extensions which is why they are rapidly growing in popularity. Hand-tied extensions might be for you if you are a frequent gym-goer. 


Everyone wants to be comfortable at the gym. You don't want to spend your whole time fiddling or adjusting things. You want to go and work out in comfort and peace! Now you can come with hand-tied extensions


Going to the gym is about confidence. With hand-tied extensions, no one will know you are wearing extensions due to the extreme invisibility and natural look and flow. It doesn't matter how hard you work out, fast you run or how high you jump; you will maintain discretion with hand-tied. 


Extensions are an investment of time and money. As such, you should be able to do your favorite activities without having to pay more due to damage. Hairlaya only uses the highest grade human hair, ensuring your extensions last. 


Your hand-tied extensions will be where they belong, whether you are going to the gym, working out, or leaving. Treat them like your own hair, and they will flow in luxurious style. Hand-tied extensions stay in place so you can work out in confidence. 

Beautiful: Your hand-tied extensions will look great in and out of the gym. Just like your real hair, you can style your hand-tied in a variety of ways, ensuring you always have a perfect look. Regular care and maintenance will help keep the beautiful shine and full volume look. 

How To Care For Extensions When Going To The Gym

Hand-tied extensions should be taken care of much like real hair. It's important to remember that factors outside of the gym can play a much bigger problem like excess sweat, saunas, pools, etc. Haircare is a daily lifestyle task, and a few minutes of preparation and maintenance can leave you with the hair you love. 

Once your workout is completed, you want to wash your hair and remove sweat and dry shampoo. You then want to nourish your hair with your favorite conditioner and shampoo. This process can take time, making it essential to schedule it into your day. 

Saunas And Steam Rooms 

Excess heat should be avoided but if you do use a sauna or steam room, wrap your hair in a towel or scarf. This will help protect and insulate the hair from heat and damage.  

Swimming Pools And Hot Tubs  

It is perfectly fine to swim with extensions, but once again, a few precautions should be made. You want to condition your hair before and after swimming and follow the steps outlined in this article: Can I Swim With Hair Extensions

Hair Styles For The Gym 

The way you wear your hair can make a big difference in the gym. You want to avoid causing excess stress and pressure to the hair, making classic styles like ponytails, buns, and plaits a great option. However, there are many ways to get creative and enjoy fun new looks while still feeling great in the gym. Below are several styles you can use during your next workout.  

1. The Fishtail Mohawk Ponytail 

The Fishtail Mohawk Ponytail

From Instagram @Mackenziedoinghair

2. Double High Messy Buns

Double High Messy Buns

From Instagram @kristyjgreen & @tillyoctiviahair

3. Topsy ponytail 

Topsy ponytail

From Instagram @riawnacapri 

4. Low Twisted Buns 

Low Twisted Buns

From Instagram @Taylor_Lamb_Hair

5.  Five Strand Braid Pony 

5 Strand Braid Pony

 From Nina Starck

Workout In Confidence 

Leave the worry and doubt behind, and know your Hairlaya Hand-tied extensions will still be going strong even after the most tedious workouts. We believe in empowering you with beautiful hair that matches your lifestyle. You can see our full collection of extensions here, or go to our Hairlaya Stylist Locator to find a certified stylist near you. 

If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out and ask or check out our blog posts for weekly information and past gems. In the meantime, work out in style with your favorite extensions! 

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