As a hairstylist, we are sure you appreciate all customers who trust you with their hair equally. However, you may be able to get away with being a little bit partial to a particular group of clients: brides. What could be more impressive than making a woman feel beautiful on the happiest and most important day of her life?

Furthermore, the wedding season is one of the busiest times of year for hair professionals, making it an excellent time to gain new clients and expand your business. If you haven't already done so, this must be a good time to add hand-tied extensions to your service menu. A solid marketing strategy is all you need besides your talent and expertise.

'But I am not a marketer!', you might say.

We hear you. This is why we thought we would share some tips with you on how to ensure your beautiful brides get the very best treatment this upcoming wedding season and are aware of all the benefits of using hand-tied hair extensions in bridal hairstyles. Because frankly, they make a world of difference.

Provide Visuals

Hand-tied extensions look so good that they practically sell themselves! All you need to do is create a lookbook and show what hand-tied extensions can achieve. You can find some great inspiration in fashion magazines, such as this article: 70 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles From Real Weddings on  

wedding hairstyle

Ensure your clients are aware of what to expect

People can be cautious about trying out new things, especially when it comes to their hair. Therefore, you should explain to your customers in detail what they can expect during and after the installation process, tell them how to care for hand-tied extensions, and address any concerns they may have. 

You should definitely mention the following points:

  1. Hand-tied extensions allow women to make their hair appear fuller, thicker, and healthier while maintaining an extremely natural appearance. 
  2. Due to the absence of heat, glue, or harmful chemicals during installation, they will not damage their own hair. 
  3. They can be worn with virtually any hairstyle - even updos! Hand-tied extensions use tiny beads that are installed a few inches from the hairline so they remain undetectable, allowing you to create thick braids, voluminous ponytails, and elegant chignons.
  4. The hand-tied wefts of Hairlaya can be reused again and again. A proper after-care guide should be provided to your clients, which can let the wefts used for as long as two years. 

Updo Inspiration

Not every bride knows what she wants her hair to look like on her wedding day. Even those who do may change their mind if they see a picture of a hairstyle they instantly adore. A tailored portfolio of wedding updos will make it easier for your customers to decide what kind of look they want. It's important to include a variety of styles (romantic, sleek, futuristic, bohemian, sexy, vintage, natural), and don't forget that hand-tied extensions will give them more options! Finally, work with a professional photographer and a model to capture the best images - this small park is a perfect setting. This investment will enhance the customer experience and make your workflow easier for years to come.

wedding updo

Offer a discount for bridesmaids

Weddings are expensive... couples starting a new life together need all the discounts and special offers they can get. One way to treat your brides – and show off your skills to potential new customers in the process – is to offer them a discount on their bridesmaids' dos. That's a lot of hairdos a bride will have to pay for, so she will surely appreciate the gesture, and your business will grow when several of your customers' friends discover how awesome you are and trust you. Your salon can benefit from this kind of promotion!

At Hairlaya, we love brides too, which is why all wedding services performed by StylistPRO members are available with an additional discount-A $50 exclusive gift card. 

Contact us via email at if you have a wedding hair appointment! 

We hope you have a magical wedding season!


The Hairlaya Team

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