There's nothing better than the look of high-quality hair extensions. They can change the way you look and feel without the commitment of altering your natural hair. There is no one size fits all choice for hair extension application methods, and choosing the wrong one can lead to damage and breakage. When choosing the best extension type for your hair, one of the most common questions is whether to use hand-tied or machine wefts. Each option has pros and cons, but which one is the best overall? Let's take a look! 

Machine Weft

Machine Wefts are the original type of extension ever offered on the market over a decade ago. Initially, machine weft extensions were both bulky and heavy; their design hasn't changed much in the last ten years. Many stylists are phasing out machine weft hair extensions since their heavier weight often causes damage to fragile hair, leading to unwanted breakage. The only advantages to choosing machine weft extensions are the ability to cut them to size, making them more convenient to install, and their lower cost since production is faster and more streamlined thanks to the use of machines. 

Hand-Tied Wefts

Hand-tied wefts are safer than machine wefts due to their lighter weight and increased flexibility. As the name suggests, each weft is tied by hand, making them thinner and more natural-looking than machine weft options. Due to their thinner size, hand-tied wefts are an excellent option for delicate, fine, and natural hair, but they match seamlessly with every hair type, including thick and course. 

Application Process

The application process for hand-tied wefts is significantly different and more complicated than the machine wefts, and it's recommended that any stylist who offers these extensions undergo a special certification course. Each extension is stacked and folded, and unlike machine wefts, stylists can't cut hand-tied wefts; they must instead form the extension to fit the client's scalp. This time-consuming process takes around three hours but produces seamless results that practically disappear from the client's head. 

Hand-tied weft hair extensions applicationSuperior Craftsmanship

Due to their intricate nature, hand-tied wefts are more expensive than machine wefts, but the quality and results are more than worth the added cost. An experienced technician performs the painstakingly intricate process of hand-tying each strand onto the hand-sewn weft. The hand-sewn production creates a premium product that gives the client luxurious and natural results that expertly match with their natural hair. 

Hand-tied hair extension before and afterIdeal For All Hair Types

As stated earlier, hand-tied wefts are the ideal choice for every hair type, from fine and thin to coarse and thick. Due to their small weft masterfully conceal within even the finest hair types, and their lightweight design ensures they don't cause breakage or damage. Their extreme flexibility makes them the most comfortable hair extension option for even the most sensitive scalps. The only area where some clients may find discomfort with hand-tied wefts is with their return hair. Each weft contains a small section of return hair, which is shorter hair located at the top of the weft and is an essential part of the production process. Although the vast majority of clients don't even notice, some with extremely sensitive scalps may have some irritation or itching. 

Hand-tied weft hair extensions lookWhy Choose Hand-Tied Over Machine Wefts

As you can see, there are many advantages of choosing hand-tied wefts over the machine-weft version. Their flexibility and seamless installation make them a favorite among clients with even the finest and most delicate hair. Hand-tied wefts offer superior comfort and wearability, which is why more and more stylists are offering them over machine weft options. Although machine wefts are more affordable, their heavier weight makes them bulk and uncomfortable and often leads to damage, including breakage. 

When you're looking for the highest quality hand-tied hair extensions, turn to Hairlaya. Our high-quality hair provides you with the most comfortable, seamless results without the need for tape, glue, or heat during the application process. Every hand-tied weft we sell features 100% cuticle human hair that lasts up to two years, so you can trust you will always look your best. 

Whether you want half or single-packs, we have options to suit your needs. We trust the quality of our hair extensions so much; we proudly offer a six-month warranty on all our hair products so that you can have peace of mind. For stylists looking to receive their hand-tied certification, Hairlaya offers a certification course where you learn from a master, so you have the skills to add additional services and build new income sources. 

When you want to look your best, choose Hairlaya hand-tied hair extensions, you'll be glad you did! Don't settle for damaging machine weft hair extensions; choose the superior results that only come from hair-tied wefts. For the highest quality hand-tied extensions, turn to Harilaya and see the difference our 100% cuticle double-drawn human hair makes. 

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