Why Get Certified with Hairlaya's Hand-Tied?


We believe that our hand-tied hair extensions are just what the doctor ordered for people looking for natural volume, beautiful length, and healthy shine. But we also know that to achieve the best results, the extensions need to be installed by an expert hairstylist who knows what they are doing. 

This is why we created our online course system for hairstylists, accessible from anywhere in the world. It is a complete learning program that covers everything you need to know about installing hand-tied hair extensions and comes with extraordinary perks.

So, why should you get certified with Hairlaya's hand-tied?

First of all, if you are already working as a hairstylist, you may have noticed that clients are becoming increasingly demanding. They want the best results and the best quality products, and if you're going to stay in the game, you need to enhance your skills and offer your clients impeccable service.

Also, we are living in financially uncertain times. So, everything that furthers your career improves your skills and increases your financial stability is a good investment nowadays. 

We designed this program for the self-driven and self-paced hairstylists who want to take their knowledge and experience to a new level and rise above the competition.

Also, learning this trending hair extension method online will save you hundreds of dollars.

Here's what you will get for just $249: 

1. A 2.5-hour prerecorded course with a complete, detailed curriculum to teach you the invisible bead method.

2. A free toolkit ($189 value) that includes everything you need to start offering hand-tied services to your clientele.

3. Ongoing FREE LIVE Zoom Q&A Support. Being able to ask questions and have them answered by experts right away is an invaluable tool for everyone learning a new skill.

4. Exclusive discount on Hairlaya's extensions.

5. An official Hairlaya Certificate.

Here's what our certified stylists say about the program:

"I can't believe I only paid $249 for this, considering that now I have a complete toolkit with everything I need to offer my clients the best hand-tied extensions service. Most other brands price their tool kit so high it's unaffordable."

"After finishing the course, I feel very confident in my skills. They answered every question I had and offered amazing support."

"I feel like I saved a lot of time by taking this course. Someone may say that you can learn this method from YouTube videos. Really? It would take so much time, and you wouldn't even know if the people you are learning from are actual experts. You wouldn't be able to learn all the little tricks from YouTube, either."

"I was able to increase my average ticket size after finishing this program greatly and have gained many new customers who trust me with installing their hand-tied extensions and keep coming back for that unique, natural look!"

"I'm glad I made this small investment. As a result, my business is booming now while many of my competitors are experiencing financial difficulties." 

Act now! Take advantage of this limited-time deal

  • If you are a hairstylist or want to become a hairstylist
  • If you are a person who is passionate about learning the hand-tied extension method 
  • If you are a self-motivated learner who is comfortable with online learning
  • If you are budget-minded and would like to know something other places might be charging over a thousand bucks for. 
Calling Hairdressers, To Build Your New Income By Getting Certified With Hairlaya
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