Why We don't Recommend Wavy Hair Extensions


Why do some girls ask for a curly hair extension?

Many girls ask for installing curly or wavy hair, which could because they have curly hair. But in most cases, they are girls with straight hair but want a new long extensive wavy look. So when they think of voluminous hair extensions, they aim for wavy hair installed to get the Instagram gorgeous wavy look, thinking that this could lower their maintenance cost. But that is just not the case.
You are suggested to buy straight hair even when choosing the hair extensions for naturally wavy hair. Straight hair also is the best when you are with straight hair but go for a wavy look. Want to know why? It only takes 3 minutes to read and understand!

Why straight hair extension is preferred to wavy or kinky hair?

First, because straight hair can be better customized when the stylist does the styling, it can be curled to all different waves at will, making it easier to create a voluminous style.
Second, when sourcing, curly hair extensions are surprisingly hard to come by, which makes sense considering how hair extensions are sourced in the first place — from women with generally straight hair. If you don't purchase naturally curly hair, you can get your straight extensions permed, but only if they are 100% human hair – this is a big deal because otherwise, it would be messing up your natural hair.
Third, curly hair extension is more difficult to work with because it is heavily processed and challenging to maintain. Since most of the hair is straight and when you buy wavy extensions, the hair cuticle is damaged. They could not be of top quality. The hair cuticles that make it look shiny, healthy, and natural will be lost during the process.

Straight hair extensions are more versatile than curly hair extensions.

Hairlaya is a professional in cuticle hair and sources only the best hair on the market. The wavy hair extension requires one more process, which involves a lot of processing. Strictly speaking, if the cuticle is destroyed, it isn't easy to maintain for a long time. Like natural hair, it isn't easy to hold the curl of this hair. Hairlaya does not offer pre-curled/waved hair extensions. Since all Hairlaya's hair extensions are made of 100% cuticle human hair, they can be styled to curls or waves using hot tools.
Hairlaya hair extension is very close to the state of natural hair. If you have naturally straight hair and want to have a full head of curly hair, you can also have it with straight hair extensions! Just braid your hair at night before going to bed and take it apart in the morning. You can achieve a natural curly state without a curling iron. For babes with straight hair, there is a better way to get a very natural wave to braid the hair at night.
Just like below, when you sleep, weave it into a braid on each side just like in picture 1, and in the morning, you will be able to get the look in picture 2, which is supernatural. There are two advantages to get curls without curling irons. 1. Fix the hair at night when you sleep. It will not press the hair and cause shedding. It has better protection for hair extension. In addition, when you get up in the morning, you can achieve an excellent formation. Natural waves make your hair very natural and full.
Hair braiding
Picture 1. ( Braiding your hair  when you sleep) 
natural wavy hair
Picture 2. ( The natural wavy hair look you will achieve) 
It works even better after you finish washing your hair. Air dry your hair overnight (in a braid, for instance), and when you wake up, you will have gorgeous waves ready to go. Plus, you can also experiment with different curl patterns without buying an array of curling wands. Is it fabulous and easy?  Try it out now! 
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  • Hey, You are right Straight hair extensions look more versatile. I just like the silky, smooth, shine in straight hair extensions.

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