If you are a hairstylist building your hair extension business and want to price your service for your clients, read on! For hairstylists, especially new hairstylists who are new to this industry, price is essential.
This piece wants to talk to you about how much to charge for your service--it's entirely up to you, but it does not hurt if we get you prepped up.

Choose the type of extension services you offer and price your hair.

Choosing the type of extension service is one of the most complex parts of starting your hair extension business when you are in the planning stage because you do not know what your clients will buy the hair? At what price is going to be best? Is it going to be too high? Is it going to be too low? Are you making a profit? So here, Hairlaya gives you three rules to live by when it comes to pricing your hair extensions.
Number one is to know the cost of your business and make sure your prices are covering that. So you need to know what your hair extension business expenses are. For example, how much your wholesale price for each hair extension product is, and what it will be, including the shipping.
If you have a website platform or have different email marketing systems or subscription services that you are paying monthly, make sure you know your monthly costs.
Make sure the prices are included in there when it comes to the cost for your business and make sure that your expenses will cover that. Because you want to make some money, right? Make sure you take that into account and know the cost of your business, so you know how to price your hair.
Number two is to look at the competition. It does not mean you know, look at going online and googled hair extension companies. Look specifically in your area in your city and see who's selling hair extensions to the locals? Who are people buying hair from, and how much are they selling it for? What is the feedback? What are people saying about the hair? And how can you be better? Whether that's going to be pricing your hair a little lower or a little higher? Whatever that needs to be, you need to do that. That will help you to stay in competition with those shops, salons or stylists. Because at the end of the day, that's how you differentiate your hair extension installation service. You have to know the positioning of yourself to sell some hair extensions and get the business moving. You want to see what those prices are if you are going to price a little higher by ensuring that your product is worth it for your clients.
Number three: Identifies a reliable hair extensions supplier with stable and good quality products that outperform the market. And a flexible return policy to allow you to return or exchange for new ones if not satisfied. It will enable you to offer your clients some quality guarantee, which will help them rests assured and willing to decide between buying. Whether that be a hair extension return or exchange or something that you will be offering the clients. Or maybe free shipping or move-ups, something it is different than whatever your competition is offering. 
Hairlaya 6-Month Warranty
Hairlaya promises a 6-Month Warranty on all hair products, which could be the best supplier you can rely on. 

Price your service

Brand your hair extension services. You want to start by pricing your products a bit lower and gradually over the years increase it as your experience and skills enhancement to reflect your efforts.
Have confidence in your product and price it to sell because we want to profit at the end of the day. That's how you are going to make your money. So you want to have confidence in what you are selling and the hair extension services you are offering. Honestly, believe that your clients are going to love it and then price it to market. Do not cheapen yourself if that's how to put it just because you have no confidence in starting this business.
Be excited about this and be confident about this and price your hair to sell okay at some point. You will probably have different sales and things so that you can fluctuate the price here and there. Of course, don't do that often regularly. You want to make sure that your hair will sell and that you are going to make enough profit. The average markup percentage is about 100% than the hair extension price, but you can go up much higher depending on the market you will be reaching. So keep that in mind when it comes to pricing your hair service and charge a competitive rate for your area while still making a profit.
Leave some room for discounts and vouchers. You want to make your clients feel special and become your loyal customers!

An example: How much to charge for installing Hand-tied Extensions

Take hand-tied extension as an example. For a full head of hand-tied extensions, the cost of the top-quality hair itself is about 400-700 US dollars. Since you are a stylist setting out doing the long-term business and building up your reputation and good review, you need to use good hair extension to retain clients and make money in the long term. Our experience interacting with hair extension clients and beauty stylists tells us that this is not an industry that makes quick money.

There are two different price offers. One is all-inclusive, such as hair + service fee + styling + coloring. If clients want these services, they will be charged at a one-stop price, and then discounts will be given on this basis; The other way is all separate. Hair, service, coloring, styling items are all listed at a different price to let the clients pick and choose at will.

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I hope this gives you some ideas of how to do so. If you need some additional help, of course, you can come and join Hairlaya's community!
Sign up for one of our hair extension courses, and we can help you with your price list. We'll go over it and make sure that it fits your target market. Go ahead and click the link below and check us out and see what we have to offer if you need additional help starting your hair extension business.
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