Hair Extension for THIN/FINE Hair: Do's and Don'ts

Hair extensions are such a fantastic way to add volume and length to anyone who has thin hair. You embrace your natural beauty because you know hair extension makes you feel good, and it makes you feel more like yourself.
Many people with fine and thin hair can add extensions for volume and thickness, and even when it isn't adding any length to the hair, they can create a whole new style and whole new dimension to your look. They're a lot of fun to play with, and you don't have to spend a lot of money to experiment with a temporary or more permanent solution.
With so much intrigue surrounding hair extensions, it is crucial to go through some nitty-gritty and excellent secret tips.


Tip 1. Install a reasonable weight.

No matter what type of hair extension, choose a reasonable weight and length. The usual suggestion is not to exceed twice the height and weight of your own hair. When you've got fine, or it's thinner, don't feel like you need to use all of the wefts to make your hair look thicker.

Tip 2. Choose a hair extension product with better coverage, such as hand-tied sew-in.

This tip is how to conceal the extension and ensure your hair looks fantastic all the time: Choose hand-tied instead of machine weft because it has better coverage.
If you've got fine hair or thin hair, it is challenging to cover hair extensions and avoid seeing-through. Temporary solutions like clips-in require you to install them yourself, which may cause irreparable damage. We highly recommend you to find a professional hairstylist who makes detailed diagnoses and consultations.
Take Hairlaya's hand-tied wefts as an instance. If you are wearing thin/fine hair, you may not need a full pack, and a half pack-four wefts could add enough volume & length to your hair. Learn more about Hairlaya‘s Hand-tied extensions
The work of Hairlaya Certified Stylist @hair_by_kallie42 using a few hand-tied wefts to achieve a full & long hair look.

Tip 3. Choose tape-in hair extensions.

Tape-in requires no clips, no beads, and no heating. It is considered one of the best extension methods for thin/fine hair. If the hair is too thin, you can cut the tape to make the interface smaller and a better cover. You could learn more about how to choose the best hair extensions for thin/fine hair.

Tip 4. Choose full cuticle human hair

Cuticle hair, sometimes confused for Remy or Virgin hair but better, is human hair collected from an individual source or donor. The cuticles are intact and aligned in one direction.
And wearing synthetic hair, your scalp may feel airtight, very stuffy, which could affect your new hair's growth. As for cuticle hair, it is the closest to your natural hair, and you won't have to worry about that at all.

Tip 5. Choose double drawn instead of single drawn

Unliking single-drawn, double-drawn hair extension is the same length from beginning to end, making your hair look fuller under the same weight.
double drawn vs single drawn

Tip 6. Crimp your hair a bit.

The curl fills out the hair, gives its body the ability to curl and hold that curl to the next day, and you've got pretty much effortless volume. You get an instant thick, really voluminous look by popping in a nice curl in your hair, as well to make it look that bit bigger and gives you more volume.


Tip 1. Don't choose i-tip/micro-link

I-tip/micro-link is connected to your hair with a hot plate or a bead, 1g/beam. Generally, this kind of method is one-time use. It could last for months. As your hair grows,
a. The extra weight of the hair extension will increase, and the extra pressure will easily cause hair loss.
b. hair on the head and tail. The volume contrast will be more prominent, and this method basically cannot be used again. It is costly, wasteful, and the price is not very affordable.

Tip 2. Do not choose synthetic hair.

The chemical fiber hair is not human hair. It can look a bit cheesy, and it does not blend well. In addition, when washing your hair, it is easy to get entangled with natural human hair. It is not easy to comb, and it will damage your hair.

Tip 3. Don't choose cheap quality tapes if you go for Tape-in extensions

The tapes in the extension must be with top-quality adhesive, not sticky, and easy to remove. You'd better select extensions with the tapes made with the best quality USA glue, which guarantees that the viscosity is strong enough to perform well in 6 months.

Tip 4. Do not brush your hair vigorously when your hair is wet.

It is at its most fragile state, and that is when we want to be extremely gentle, you can run through with your fingers.

Tip 5. Don't use a narrow toothcomb

when your hair feels stringy throughout the day, you feel like you constantly need to brush it. Keep in mind to brush your hair by just gently running through it. Gently comb through the bottom and then start working back up to the roots. If you want to get in there and rip all those tangles out, you're probably creating a lot of damage, so maybe be a little bit more mindful.

Tip 6. Do not use scalding hot water to wash your hair and scalp.

Use room temperature water when you rinse out your hair. That's going to be so beneficial for the strands. Hot water may dry out your hair.

Tip 7. Do not use shampoo that contains harmful ingredients.

Do not use shampoo that contains sulfate or alcohol. Invest time in finding your perfect shampoo that makes your hair clean yet not itchy.Learn more about how to wash your hair extensions by reading 4 Tips on How to Wash Your Hair Extensions Properly
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  • My hair is really thin I have a big cowlick in the back of my head hard to cover it up there’s no way I could even afford to get extensions in my hair I live on a fixed income and I have to watch what I spend but it was really nice to learn about all of this thank you very much

    Jennifer Steffen

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