Why You Should Be Wary Of Clip-in Hair Extensions


Many women choose to go with clip-in hair extensions as they appear to be a fast, affordable and effective option. They require minimal upkeep, are convenient, and don't even need to see a stylist to add length and volume instantly. What's not to love?

This article will go over the dangerous unknowns of clip-in extensions and how they can leave your hair worse off. Then, we will provide a safe, convenient and stunning option you can use instead.  

Can Clip-In Extensions Damage Your Hair? 

Yes. Contrary to popular belief, clip-in extensions often cause more damage than semi-permanent solutions. Clip-in extensions can cause severe hair damage, including hair loss, bald spots, breakage, etc. 

The design and weight cause excess strain to natural hair resulting in permanent damage from daily or even semi-daily use. This damage increases the difficulty of finding a safe and effective hair extension solution. 

clip in extensions

Can I Wear Clip-In Extensions Every Day?

No. Clip-in extensions are meant to be temporary for things like a big night out, special event, etc. The problem arises when people wear clip-ins routinely in place of semi-permanent extensions, which are a safer alternative designed for frequent use. If you want to wear extensions frequently, it is best to avoid clip-in extensions altogether.  

Can You Sleep In Clip-In Extensions? 

No way could you sleep with clip-in extensions! Forget the damage; clip-in extensions are big and bulky, making for an uncomfortable night of sleep. Not to mention they are prone to getting caught, getting loose, and falling out. And guess what? When they move and fall, they bring natural hair with it, causing more damage and pain. So it definitely isn't a good idea to sleep with clip-in extensions. 

What To Do If You Have Been Using Clip-In Extensions?

If you have been routinely using clip-in extensions, the first thing you should do is stop using them and analyze if any damage has occurred. You may not be able to see it immediately to the placement of clip-ins. Upon stopping, you should consult with a stylist on the next steps. They will be able to tell what plan of action will work best for your current hair condition. 

What Hair Extension Should You Use? 

If you aren't supposed to use clip-ins routinely, what should you use? For a semi-permanent solution, we recommend using tape-in extensions. Tape-in extensions are designed to be used frequently and cause minimal damage, especially when compared to clip-in.  

Tape-ins come packed with benefits, including easy removal, low maintenance, excellent durability, natural look, and much more. They are suitable for most people and most conditions and can be installed by most stylists. If you are looking for a more long-term solution, you will want to look into hand-tied extensions. 

tape-in extensions

Hand-tied extensions, while more expensive and time-consuming to install, are the best long-term hair-extension solution. They do not require heat or adhesives to install and distribute the weight exceptionally well, causing no damage to your natural hair. They do this while being extremely discreet and the most invisible and natural extension around. 

Best of all, hand-tied extensions don't sacrifice comfort or convenience. You won't even know they are there and can treat them like your normal, natural hair. Now you can look and feel your best without damaging your hair with the help of tape-in and hand-tied extensions. 

Hand-tied extensions

Deciding When To Choose Clip-In Extensions Or Semi-Permanent Extensions

One of the best ways to decide which extension to use is based on the duration you plan to use it. If you want extensions for your upcoming birthday and don't plan to wear them much after, then clip-in extensions are fine to use. They are a quick and affordable option, perfect for temporary and one-off uses. 

If you plan to use the extensions for several weeks or months, you should consider looking into tape-in extensions. These are an excellent choice for people just starting in the extension world and wanting to get first-hand experience. 

If you are familiar with extensions and want the most long-term and best solution, you should look into hand-tied extensions. Not every stylist can install these, so we have made a Hairlaya-approved hand-tied stylist locator on our website. 

Where To Go For More Hair Tips?

If you have any more stylist or hair questions, be sure to check out our blog or send us a message. We help with all things hair, from information to premier hair extensions and online and in-person classes! 

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