Hand-tied extensions are exploding in popularity, making it essential for stylists to master this rising extension method. Stylists need to know why it's popular, when to apply it, how to use it, etc. 

This article is designed to be the go-to resource for stylists looking to get ahead, level up their skills, and master the stunning method. Read below if you are ready to put a smile on your client's face by adding volume, length, comfort, and more with hand-tied extensions.  

Why Are Hand-tied Extensions Growing In Popularity? 

Hand-tied extensions are increasing in popularity for several reasons. The first reason is they are highly effective. The hand-tied does a great job of increasing volume and length, and better yet, they do it while going unnoticed. 

hand-tied extensions after look

Hand-tied extensions are incredibly discreet and concealable, especially the invisible beaded method, which is the most invisible extension method. High concealment matched with a seamless, natural look is a huge confidence boost whether your client is relaxing at home or going out for the night. 

Another great benefit of hand-tied extensions is they can be treated like real hair, making them look better and feel better. You don't have to worry about putting them on, taking them, or getting them positioned just right. Once they are installed, they are good to go for months, making them comfortable and convenient.

Which Type Of Hair Suits Hand-Tied Extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are suitable for all hair types. Hand-tied is especially good for thin hair as they are highly concealable and do not cause damage. The weight is distributed to prevent pulling, and no glue, heat, or adhesives are used, making it a hair-friendly solution. Minimizing and preventing damage should always be a top priority when installing extensions. The all-around design allows you to help the majority of clients, which is great, especially as hand-tied continue in popularity. 

How Do You Determine The Hair Usage For Your Clients? 

The hair usage will depend on your client's needs and current hair. For example, thicker hair will be able to use more wefts, while thin hair should use fewer wefts. 

For more information, see How Much Hair Is Necessary For Installing A Hairlaya Hand-Tied

Our Hairlaya course will help you easily determine the number of rows and wefts needed. 

What Are The Hand-Tied Pros And Cons? 

The benefits of using hand-tied extensions include: 

Convenience And Comfort

Hand-tied extensions last for 6-12 months, making them one of the most convenient extensions. Long gone are the days of worrying about clip-ins or short-lasting extensions. Now clients can enjoy the look they love for months to come. Hand-tied extensions do not require any special attention - simply treat them like regular hair, and they are good to go. Swim, shower, brush and do your favorite activities in complete comfort.  

Hair-Friendly Extensions 

The hand-tied extension is the most hair-friendly extension around. Unlike traditional designs, the weight is evenly distributed, preventing hair loss and breaks. The hand-tied design removes the need for glue, heat, and conventional methods that weaken and damage hair. Now your clients can maintain or improve their hair health while enjoying beautiful extensions. 

Natural Seamless Look 

Hand-tied extensions look 100% natural and real, providing confidence and reassurance. No one wants to worry if their extensions are looking right - now that worry is gone with hand-tied extensions. Clients can look and feel their best 24/7 with hand-tied extensions.  


Highly Discreet 

Hand-tied extensions are the most invisible extension solution. This is perfect for anyone looking to conceal their extensions and enjoy them carefree. All hand-tied methods are concealable, but the invisible beaded method comes out on top for maximum invisibility. 

Other benefits include:

   • Unlimited styling options 

   • Zero tensions, tugging or pulling 

   • Works for all hair types, especially thin 

   • Great for active lifestyles 

   • Stunning gorgeous look 

The negatives of using hand-tied extensions include:

Lengthy Installation 

Hand-tied extensions require more time to install than traditional hair extensions. Installation can be between 2-6 hours, depending on the number of rows, stylist experience, and several other factors. Clients should plan when they will get extensions installed to have enough time. 


Another thing to consider with hand-tied extensions is they are more expensive than most extensions—the lengthy installation paired with the higher difficulty level increase the cost. If someone is on a smaller budget, there are better extension methods.  

Unique Skillset 

Hand-tied extensions require a specific skill set and experience to install successfully. The best stylists undergo specific hand-tied training ensuring they can properly install hand-tied. While this can be a downside, it is a massive upside for stylists who learn these skills. 

How To Install Hand-tied extensions?  

Hand-tied extensions require custom installation, which means qualified stylists should only perform them.  

Silicone beads are used to secure the hair, and then they are hand-sewn row by row. We thoroughly explain the entire process and help you master it in our Hairlaya Classes. 

What Tools Do You Need To Install Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied extensions require several tools, including: 

   • C shaped weaving needles 

   • Bead threader/loop tool 

   • Cotton weaving thread

   • Silicone beads

   • Bead opener 

   • Mini scissors 

   • Mini pliers 

   • Clips

 Hand-tied installing tools

How Do You Remove Hand-Tied Extensions  

Removing hand-tied extensions is simple, easy, and fast when done by a professional. No adhesives mean they can be removed in under 10 minutes. 

Detangle the hair and separate each row. Then use a mini-plier or bead opener to open the beads. Once all of the beads in the row have been removed, you can remove the hair. 

Why Get Certified With Hairlaya's Online Course? 

The online Hairlaya course is an excellent way to learn new skills from the comforts of work or home so you can earn more while helping your clients receive the hair they love. Our proven online courses help stylists quickly learn how to install hand-tied extensions so you can offer more services. 

Call the number here to get certified with Hairlaya's online course. It is a fast, reliable, and affordable training method.  

We designed this program for the self-driven and self-paced hairstylists to save hundreds of bucks by learning this trending extension method online. For $249, you will get: 

1. 2.5 hours prerecorded course with a complete curriculum of natural beaded methods.

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