Are you a hairstylist wondering what to choose between a hand-tied extension and a tape-in extension? Both extensions are a great option and can be used for various clients, so we will dive deep into discussing the differences and when you should use one over the other. 

What Are Hand-Tied Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are safe, discreet, and all-around extensions that instantly add volume and length. Hand-tied is the most concealable extension and can be used for a variety of hair types, making them an excellent option for stylists. 

Hand-tied extensions feel and act just like natural hair empowering wearers to look and feel their best. Hand-tied extensions do take more skill to apply, but the seamless look is well worth it. 

What Are Tape-In Extensions?

Tape-in extensions attach wefts directly to the hair with adhesive creating a quick, seamless look. The tape-in method is cheaper and faster than the hand-tied, but it can cause damage due to the strong adhesion. 

Tape-ins require more care to minimize slippage and damage, especially when brushing, adding products, or utilizing heat treatment such as a blow-drier. A great benefit of tape-ins is the ability to add different hair colors to your hair. 

Do Hand-Tied Extensions Damage Hair? 

No. Hand-tied extensions are incredibly safe and harm-free, making them a go-to option for stylists. This is especially true when dealing with clients with thin or damaged hair. Step one is to minimize or prevent damage from happening to hair and should be careful consideration when selecting an extension. 

Hand-tied extensions do not use glue, heat, or bonds, making it safer to insert and take them out. The distributed design also plays a significant role in minimizing damage and spreading the weight throughout the hair for maximum safety and zero damage. 

Do Tape-In Extensions Damage Hair? 

Overall, tape-in methods are safe to use but have more potential for damage. The strong adhesive can be difficult to remove, causing hair to pull out or break. The alcohol-based solution used with the glue can also dehydrate the hair and scalp, furthering the damage. 

Constant tension can also cause long-term damage leading to bald spots and alopecia. Tape-in extensions are excellent in most areas but do cause more harm than extensions like hand-tied. 

Are Hand-Tied Extensions Good For Fine Hair? 

Yes. Hand-tied extensions are the best extension for fine hair. Hand-tied extensions are highly concealable and distribute the weight throughout, preventing damage and breakage. Hand-tied offers a natural and seamless look even for thin hair. 

Are Tape-In Extensions Good For Fine Hair? 

No. Tape in extensions is not ideal for thin hair and can cause serious damage. Tape-in extensions are also see-through, causing people to notice and creating insecurities and low confidence. Lastly, tape-in extensions do not provide the volume of extensions like hand-tied, making them less satisfactory for clients looking for volume. 

Are Hand-Tied Extensions Versatile?

Yes. Hand-tied extensions are an excellent option for almost every client. Naturally, beaded extensions will work for most people, and invisible beads will work for those looking to minimize visibility. Hand-tied externs are good for all hair types from thick, medium to thin, furthering their usage. 

Are Tape-In Extensions Versatile? 

Tape-in extensions are not as versatile but extremely useful in specific situations. A tape-in extension can add colors and highlight hair, making it a fun option for people looking to maximize their style and looks. Tape-in extensions are also highly customizable, allowing you to give your clients a look they love. 

How long do Hand-Tied Extensions last? 

Hand-tied extensions are highly long-lasting, 6-12 months with proper care. Hand-tied extensions last longer than other extensions because there is no glue or adhesive to wear them down. Instead, hand-tied are sewn in, keeping them in place so clients maintain a natural look for months to come. Due to their hair growth, the client needs to visit you every 4-6 weeks to move up the hair.   

How Long Do Tape-In Extensions Last?  

Tape-in extensions last 4-8 weeks, making them suitable for specific events or situations. The fast installation helps make up for it, so clients can quickly get their extensions and be on their way. Tape-in extensions do risk coming out of place and require more maintenance to keep them looking good. 

What Makes Hairlaya's Tape-In Extensions


Hairlaya tape-ins are extremely easy to remove and do not damage the hair. This dramatically improves the usage of tape-ins, making them a suitable option for more clients. You can count on Hairlaya to deliver truly remarkable products you and your clients will love. 

Hand-Tied Installation 

Hand-tied extensions are more expensive, take longer to install (3-4 hours) and require more skill to install. We recommend hairstylists take online and in-person classes to learn the best methods for proper installation. We offer multiple courses helping stylists learn and earn. 

Tape-In Installation 

Tape-in extensions are less expensive, quicker to install, and do not require the same amount of skill as hand-tied. However, it's incredibly important to install tape-ins correctly to ensure the hair stays damage-free and the extensions are in the right place. 

Deciding Which Extensions To Use

Both hand-tied and tape-in extensions have their pros and cons. The best thing to do is look at what your client wants, their current hair condition, and then make an informed decision. If they want something fast and short-term, tape-in might be better. If they want something longer-lasting and less damaging, the hand-tied is a better option. Both extensions serve their place, and we are here to ensure you get the products and training you need to maximize your stylist services. 

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