A lot of knowledge goes into being a great hairstylist. You need to know the differences between extensions, when and why you should use them, how to see which extensions are suitable for your client and how to apply them. Today we are going over two fantastic hair extensions methods, including the naturally beaded method and the invisible beaded method. 

Discovering What Hair Extension Your Client Wants 

Your client's priorities come first, so the first step is always discovering their wants and needs. However, it is important to note that while they might have a good idea of what they want, they may not have the best idea of how to achieve it. This is where you come in. 

You will listen to their wants, evaluate their current hair conditions, and provide the best hair extension solution. This article will help give you the knowledge and tools you need to get started in the right direction and work towards hair-extension mastery. For complete mastery, you will want to take specialized classes to help elevate your skills and knowledge, as you will see below. 

Why Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

You probably noticed that both installation methods we are covering are hand-tied. Hand-tied extensions are a great all-around option due to the concealing nature, minimal damage, and seamless flow. However, they require extra training as they are much different from traditional sew-in methods. Learning how to install hand-tied techniques will help increase your skillset and income. 

Minimal Damage

Anytime you are dealing with hair, you want to minimize the damage. Hand-tied wefts are incredibly safe and hair-friendly as they do not use glue, excess heat, or excess weight. The lightweight and distributed design prevent heavy hair pulling, unlike machine wefts. 


Hand-tied extensions are highly invisible, especially the invisible beaded method. Other people will not know they are extensions, but the person wearing them also won't be able to tell either! It looks, feels, and functions like real, natural hair. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your extensions are concealed.  

Seamless Look 

Hand-tied extensions look and feel 100% natural. You don't have to worry about them falling out of place, clipping them just right, or moving while doing activities once they are on and look great, whether you are relaxing at home or enjoying the night out. 

Hairlaya Hand-tied looks

Comfortable Extensions 

Hand-tied requires minimal maintenance, and users can't even tell they are there. Simply treat them like natural hair and go on with your day. There is no hassle putting them on, taking them off, or adjusting them. The distributed weight and semi-permanent design make hand-tied methods the most comfortable method. 

How To Install Hairlaya Hand-Tied Extensions?

We recommend two main installation methods for hand-tied extensions: natural and invisible beaded. The method you select will depend on your client's hair and other factors. For best application, we recommend becoming a CertifiedPro to learn the in-depth process and tricks and tips to make installation better and easier. 

Hand-tied natural beaded sew-in

Natural Beaded Method 

The natural beaded method is much easier to learn and start for stylists with no prior hand-tied experience. The natural beaded method is more intuitive and requires less skill and knowledge than the invisible beaded method. 

The natural beaded method is a fast (2-3 hours) application that works for all hair types. The all-around and relatively invisible nature makes it an essential method to learn for stylists. It is well within the skills of most stylists, especially if they have taken our online courses. You can become a by signing up for Hairlaya hand-tied online certificate course 

The Invisible Beaded Method:

The invisible beaded method is the most invisible hair extension method making it perfect for fine and thin hair. However, it takes longer to apply (3-4 hours) and requires a higher skill set than other methods. 

The more progressive nature makes it essential to learn in person for the best results. We recommend working with an offline instructor, which costs more but is well worth it to expand your operations. 

Some brands will charge you over 1000 dollars to learn and become certified. 

Can I Style My Hand-Tied Extensions?

Yes! You treat your hand-tied extensions the same as you would your real hair. Hairlaya hand-tiers allow you to heat style, blow-dry, straighten and enjoy all your favorite styling methods without causing damage. Your extensions will look stunning, stay in place and appear natural! 

How Long Do Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Last?  

Hairlaya hand-tied extensions can be used for up to 2 years, making them an incredibly convenient option. The extended duration makes the extra application time and costs well worth it. Hairalya also offers the best warranty policy in the industry with a 90-day warranty policy. You can count on Hairlaya to deliver unbeatable products, services, and warranties. 

Final Thoughts On Naturally Beaded Vs. Invisible Beaded Methods 

Both hand-tied methods are a great option, and stylists should consider learning both methods. For stylists just starting out, the naturally beaded method is a great first option as it is easier to learn and a great all-around method. Stylists looking to maximize earning potential and offer their clients the most invisible method should learn the invisible beaded method. 

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