A common question stylists ask is, "how many packs of hair extensions are necessary for installing a Hairlaya Hand-tied?". Of course, the answer will vary from person to person based on their hair type and condition, but this article will outline how much you will need and what to expect. Ultimately, it will come down to your judgment and what your clients are looking for, so we recommend becoming a CertifiedPro (the stylists are certified by Hairlaya after taking the required online/offline courses, online assignments, quizzes, and receiving their Hairlaya certificate). 

Hand-Tied Extensions Provide Flexibility And Custom Solutions 

One of the driving features of hand-tied extensions is that they are great for clients with different hair densities, from thin to medium to thick. This allows you to match and create a seamless, natural look your client will love. All hair is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but you can make the perfect solution for your client with hand-tied extensions

The Number Of Extensions Depends On The Hair Density 

Thin hair requires fewer wefts to prevent an unnatural look, while thick hair can handle more wefts without looking out of place. Depending on the hair density, you can apply 1 to 3 rows and then sew in the desired amount of wefts per row. Below we will go over the recommendations, and our CertifiedPro course will help you make the best decision possible. 

Hairlaya Hand-Tied Recommended Usage:

Thin Hair: 6-8 Wefts 

Thin hair is less concealing, and there is less to work with, which means you want to use fewer wefts. However, a little goes a long way, and 6-8 wefts are suitable for most thin hair clients. 

Medium Hair: 10-16 Wefts 

Medium hair will require your judgment, but the 10-16 weft range is usually ideal. With medium hair, you will definitely want extra wefts on hand in case the client can use more. 

Thick Hair: 12-18 Wefts 

Thick hair offers the most concealment and room to work with, which means you can use between 12 and 18 wefts, depending on your client's preferences. 

Prepare Extra Wefts For Perfect Hair 

There is a lot of art that goes into installing hair extensions. This is why we recommend preparing two extra wefts to ensure you have enough. As we said earlier, everyone's hair is unique, and a quick glance can sometimes show they need more wefts. 

Having two extra wefts on hand is more than enough and allows you to dial their hair just right in case you need more. Supplementary wefts also give you peace of mind so you can do your best work stress-free. 

Hairlaya Package Sizes:

We offer three hair extension package sizes to help stylists get what they need. The full-pack comes with eight wefts, the half-pack comes with four wefts, and the single pack comes with two wefts. 

How To Install Hairlaya Hand-Tied Extensions?

We recommend two main installation methods for hand-tied extensions: the natural beaded and the invisible beaded. The method you select will depend on your client's hair and other factors. For best application, we recommend becoming a CertifiedPro to learn the in-depth process and tricks and tips to make installation better and easier. 

Natural Beaded Method: 

The natural beaded method is a fast (2-3 hours) application that works for all hair types. It is more invisible than most and within the skills of most stylists, especially if they have taken our courses. (This is what our online hand-tied certification course teaches). 

As shown in the post below: 


The Invisible Beaded Method:

The invisible beaded method is the most invisible hair extension method making it perfect for fine and thin hair. However, it takes longer to apply (3-4 hours) and requires a higher skill set than other methods. We recommend working with an offline instructor for the best results.  

The hair result below is an example: 

 Here is a table you can use to compare the two methods. 


Hair Density

Hair Result

Does It Damage Hair

Stylist Skills

Application Time

Natural Beaded

Works for all hair densities

More invisible than most methods.


Creates a seamless, natural look.


Medium skillset required.


Experienced stylists will be able to learn with our online hand-tied course.

2-3 hours

Invisible Beaded

Works for all hair densities, especially thin and fine hair

The most invisible hair extension available.


Completely concealed.


High skillset required.


We recommend learning in person in our certified instructors. 

3-4 hours

Give Your Clients The Satisfaction They Deserve 

Now you know how much hair you need, you can start providing your clients with stunning extensions they are sure to love. Hand-tied extensions are a level up across the board and will help you stand out from the competition. 

Here at Hairlaya, we pride ourselves on delivering premier quality hair extensions, so you work with nothing but the best. We also offer online and offline courses to help stylists master their craft and learn the best methods for applying for hair extensions. If you have any questions about the products, classes, or applications, be sure to reach out, as we love to help!

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