How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost At A Salon?


By now, you should know all about extensions from the various types, maintenance procedures, pros and cons and etc. But now the big question. How much do hair extensions cost at a salon? There are many factors impacting the cost, from quality, experience, sourcing, length, the volume of hair, etc.

Today we will go over what you can expect and what you should look for to ensure you get the right deal and extensions. After all, choosing the wrong extensions can be more expensive and damaging in the long. Another thing to consider is your location, and a local stylist will also impact the overall cost, but these are guidelines you can use.

General Extension Cost Overview

Extensions and the installation process can range from under $100 to over $3,000. The cost of extensions and service should hopefully reflect the quality - with higher quality extensions looking and feeling better, offering maximum convenience and extreme longevity. The best extensions require very little maintenance and no tangling while still delivering aesthetic and seamless results.

The most significant factors influencing price are:

  • The extension type & installation
  • Amount of wefts/ hair used
  • Stylist experience & skill
  • Quality of extensions

Before investing in extensions, you should research what type of extension you want and consult with your stylist, given over your options.

Hand-Tied And Hybrid Extension Cost

Hand-tied and Hybrid extensions are renowned for their versatility, quality, and longevity. Both extensions offer incredible benefits, including convenience, concealment, a natural, seamless look, and much more. Maintenance is needed every 6-8 weeks, and the extensions can last up to two years with proper care. You can expect to pay $1,500-$3,000 for hand-tied/hybrid extensions and receive beautiful hair you are sure to love.

Hybrid wefts

Tape-In Extension Cost

Tape-in extensions are a great way to quickly add volume and length. As the name suggests, tape-in extensions use adhesives rather than being sewn or clipped on. Tape-in extensions are quick to apply and can be installed in under 60 minutes with the right stylist - giving you a new world of styling options. Tape-in extensions are great, especially when you don’t need the longevity of something like a hand-tied and hybrid extension. You can expect to pay $400-$1,000 for quality tape-in extensions.

Tape-in hair

Clip-In Extension Cost

Clip-in extensions are suitable for one-off events and times when you won’t be wearing extensions full-time. Many clip-in extensions look great, but they are not designed for long-term use and can cause wear and tear to hair due to excessive pulling. However, clip-in extensions are great when you need something now and don’t want to deal with an extensive installation process. You can expect to pay $100-$500 for clip-in extensions. Yes, you can get them cheaper, but they come with a cost of discomfort, decreased longevity, and poor aesthetics.

Bonded Extension Cost

Bonded extensions work by heating and melting keratin protein before affixing it to your hair. The rows of hair are strategically placed, creating a natural, seamless look. Bonded extensions can last up to 6 months and require less maintenance than many other extensions. Bonded hair can be cut, dyed, and straightened just like your normal hair giving you amazing styling options. Expect to pay $1,500 to $3,000 for bonded extensions.

Micro-Beaded Extension Cost

Micro-beaded extensions are attached to the root of hair via a small bead, making them a hair-friendly option since they do not use heat or glue. Micro-beaded extensions are virtually invisible, so you are comfortable trying new styles and going out and about in complete confidence, knowing no one will know. Micro-beaded extensions can be reused, helping save money and costing around $400-$3,000 for the extensions and installation.

Fusion Extension Cost 

Fusion extensions are wonderful for a variety of hair types and offer a variety of styling options. You can expect to get up to 6 months out of fusion extensions before needing to re-apply. Fusion extensions are applied via heat and provide natural length and volume with around a 3-hour installation. You can expect to pay $400 - $3,000 for quality fusion extensions.

Do Your Research

Your hair health is essential, and going the cheapest route can impact the looks, health, and future of your hair. We believe in empowering people with hair-friendly extensions helping people look and feel their best.

You can always count on Hairlaya to have safe, beautiful, ethical, and reliable extensions. If you are unsure of what path to take, you can check out our blog for more information and consult with your local stylist. Please feel free to reach out and ask if you have any questions! 

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