2024 Blonde #613 Seamless Injection Tape-in Full Cuticle Human Hair Extensions Double Drawn-50g

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Product Details 

  • 100% Cuticle Human Hair 
  • Double Drawn 
  • 20 Pieces /Pack- 50g 
  • Straight Texture
  • 1.5" width /piece
  • Length Available in 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" 
  • 32 colors Available 
  • EXTRA 36 tabs of tapes with one pack of Hair

Recommended Usage(Full head):

Thin hair: 1-2 Full packs 
Medium Hair: 3-4 Full packs 
Thick hair: 4-5 Full packs 

Application Time:

Around 0.5-1.5 hours. 


We recommend adjusting the extensions every 6-8 weeks for better results by using our re-tape tabs. Our tape-in extensions can be reused up to 2 years with proper care.


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    100% Cuticle Human Hair
    Ship out in
    24 hours
    90-Day Warranty

    Length Detail 


    1、Where does the hair come from?

    2、Is it authentic Human Hair?

    Our extensions are 100% cuticle human hair, which means the cuticle is intact and the hair is placed with the cuticle all facing the same direction.

    3、How should I treat my tape-in hair extensions after installation?

    We recommend you wait around 24~48 hours before washing your hair; Brush before shampooing to keep hair from matting and use a good conditioner avoiding the tape tabs area.

    4、Can I perm my Hairlaya extensions?

    The answer is quite complex and similar to what we would say about perming your own natural hair.

    You see, perming damages all hair - even your natural hair. Because Hairlaya extensions are made of 100% human-grade cuticle hair, perming damages the extensions. We can not recommend or approve it.

    However, you can take a few precautions if you want to perm your hair.

    The first and most important thing is only to get your perm done by a highly trained and licensed stylist - you can find Hairlaya-approved stylists on our Stylist Locator page.

    Once you find your stylist, you want to stand-test, ensuring you like the style beforehand and going all in. Once you find the style you like, you want to choose a color-safe perm and minimize the processing to keep the damage as minimal as possible.

    From there, your stylist can take over the rest, delivering stunning results.

    As a final warning, we do not recommend perming your Hairlaya extensions or any extensions for that matter, even though it is possible to perm your hair.

    It is important to be aware that once you perm your hair, you will no longer be eligible for a warranty.

    5、Can I dye or color the Hairlaya extensions?

    Yes, you can dye or color your Hairlaya extensions, but there are some important things to note. Hairlaya extensions have already gone through a dying process, so certain shades will have much better results, which is why we always recommend using a professional stylist.

    A licensed stylist will help you safely achieve the results you are looking for, including bending the extensions and natural hair so you have a seamless look. Incorrect dying procedures can also cause damage and shorten the lifestyle of your extensions, making it critical to seek professional assistance.

    For maximum results, you want to highlight or use root touch-ups to minimize damage while still providing fun, exciting looks. If you're going to dye your entire head of hair, select a color within the same range or darker than your extensions.

    You also want to avoid bleaching, and lightening agents as these can weaken the bonds and damage the extensions and your hair. If you are looking for lighter hair, a great option is to work with your stylist to select a Hairlaya extension and have the stylist color your hair beforehand to match the installation.

    6、Can I re-tape them?

    Of course! you can re-tape them every hair adjustment.

    7、Can roots be re-touched?

    Yes, roots can be re-touched. We recommend you retouch the roots in 24-48 hours prior to application.

    If your roots can be ready only during extension services, we suggest you doing a partial retouch along with the hairline.

    8、How can I remove Tapes from my hair?

    Spray the tape bonds with bond remover and allow the solution to slide in-between the bonds and sit for one minute. Slowly start peeling from the back of the tape. The remover will release the two bonds and they will slip right out. Redundancy do not peel the tabs roughly as this may cause damage. Simply continue to drench the tabs and add more remover and allow the remover to seep between the bonds. This will help the adhesive to break down.

    9、Can I swim or exercise with the extension on?

    Yes, but for swimming we recommend you braid your hair and apply conditioner before swimming and shampoo hair immediately after swimming.

    10、Is there anything I can not do with tape hair?

    DO NOT go to sleep with wet hair. Avoid using hair conditioner and oil-based hair products to the root of your hair.


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