This piece tells you what the best hair extensions are; How to tell what's right and find the hair extensions of better quality; And finally, how to choose and have yourself installed best-looking hair extensions to look gorgeous.

The Best Hair Extensions

The concept of "the best hair extension" is a myth. There are no best hair extensions. There is only the kind of hair extensions that suit you the most. If you want to make your hair longer, tape-in extensions are good enough for you. It is a value to money option: less costly than hand-tied and delivers your expectation perfectly. Its wearer acclaims Hairlaya hand-tied extension to be the most comfortable hair extension with hand-sewn weft and 100% cuticle human hair. The brand is referred to family and friends by everyone who tried it and many clients by stylists.
If you have thin hair, you want to make your hair volume look fuller. For thin/fine hair, your extension needs to meet the minimum requirement of doing no damage to the natural hair. It is essential to consider how much weight, stress and tension are placed on your natural hair by the hair extensions. For fine or thin hair, you should look for the lightest density for hair extensions. Hairlaya tape-in extension is under a new year discount. Don't miss out.

Hair Extensions of Better Quality

When buying hair extensions, remember not all hair extensions are created equal. Synthetic hair and animal hair or their mix have too many lousy feedback. It does not recommend buying them even though they are cheap. Here we only talk about hair extensions made of human hair collected from paid donors or collected in batches. Human hair has varying grades of quality.

Cuticle Hair

Cuticle hair is said to be of the top quality on the market. Quality and authenticity are the most essential when purchasing hair extensions. Ensure you are buying from a reputable brand or retailer that can provide quality assurance and a refund guarantee. The cuticle is entirely intact, which results in higher quality hair strands. The hair must not be permed, dyed, colored, bleached, or chemically processed in any way at the time of collection.  Read and learn more about cuticle hair. 
Hairlaya Cuticle Hair

- Hairlaya‘s hair cuticle under 1000 times microscope

A tangle-free and non-shedding hair extension are what you are looking for in your new hair. Cuticle hair will not tangle when you wash it because it is real human hair from donors instead of from the floor of temples, salons, random suppliers. Hairlaya's hair extensions are all cuticle hair made of hair cut from one single donor, proudly to become the premium quality brand with a fair price. For its every extension, Hairlaya collects the raw hair material from one single donor, washed only. No chemicals, no silicon during the processing, thus look fabulous and last long.

Double-drawn hair extensions are one of the best types of hair extensions.

"Double-drawn" means that most shorter hairs are removed and replaced with longer strands within a bundle of hair. So you get only the long hair threads, which is rarer since the shorter hair is discarded.
There are rigorous standards to qualify as double-drawn hair and, at a minimum, being the most expensive and absolute best hair type among different hair quality grades.
Hairlaya double drawn hair extension
Check Hairlaya's Double Hair Extensions 

How to Locate a Great Stylist Excels in Hair Extensions

Finding the right stylist can be a challenge. It would be best to make sure this person is professionally trained, experienced, and prepared to spend time with you. She or he could get the clear hair goal of you by discussing your lifestyle, desired hair length, priority (length, volume, color statement, personal identity, etc.). Then she or he can make a recommendation based on your desired look and explain why, a stylist who checks your commitment so that he/she will give you the best look.
This convenient salon locator has all the certified and best-rated salons in hair extension installation identified on this map. Check out the hand-tied extensions near me. You can zoom in to see which one is the closest to you.
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