What hair extensions are the least damaging?

You want that dream hair look, but you may be concerned a lot about your own hair's health? Professionally installed hair extensions will not only do any damage to your natural hair, but they could also even protect your hair. Read this piece to say a big "No" to hair extension damage.
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Some people are hesitant to try out hair extensions because of the fear of damaging their real hair. Indeed, there is hair loss caused by poorly-installed extensions and improper maintenance. But don't let those concerns stop you from looking gorgeous with voluminous hair when you invest in high-quality hair extensions and take the time to care for them correctly. Damage to hair from the hair extensions is the last thing you want, and this piece helps you avoid it. Come learn how to get hair-extensions in the right way: getting them applied professionally, removed carefully, and cared for well while they're in your hair.


With any of our hair extensions, you should not experience unusual amounts of hair loss. Hairlaya extensions don't affect your natural hair any way at all and cannot help your hair grow at a faster rate than usual. We always encourage our customers to get their hair extensions fitted in by a professional hairstylist as ill-fitted extensions will cause damage to your hair.  
Find a professionally trained and certified stylist with this salon locator: hand-tied extensions near me because the application of Hairlaya extensions does not include chemicals, glue, tape, beads, or heat, reducing the amount of damage caused to your natural hair. Tape-ins and hand-tied extensions consist of wefts that can be safely and easily installed and removed. It's such a simple process that can be done correctly by stylists.

Choose quality extensions

If you have fine hair, buy extensions that weigh less. It is recommended not to install hair extensions two times the length of your hair length, and as for weight, you could not install too much hair if you are wearing fine or thinner hair. Lightweight hair extensions that weigh 120 grams or less are less likely to cause damage to your hair. Extensions with thicker strands of hair may give you the significant volume you desire, but they can put unnecessary stress on your hair when worn regularly. Do not be blind to pursuit the length and volume of hair beyond your hair's affordability.
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A natural and beautiful hair look of using proper usage hair  
Tape-in extensions come with adhesive with a double-sided tape of medical-grade quality that holds the extensions together and attaches the extensions to your hair. Although we often say glue is terrible for your hair, Hairlaya extensions come with a unique adhesive designed to be friendly to your hair and easy to remove without causing any damage to your hair. It always lays flat on your hair, allowing the extensions to blend effortlessly with your natural hair.


Remember to use your judgment when wearing hair extensions. If you notice your scalp becoming irritated, then it's a sign that your hair extensions are taped or too tightly or bonded too close to your scalp or that your hair needs a break. Make the health of your hair a priority because extensions are meant to enhance your hair, not damage it.
So maintaining your hair appointments for hydration is a must. Using regular leave-in conditioners and moisturizing products will ensure your hair is strong enough to take hair extensions without damage caused.


By removing your hair extensions, comb or brush your hair and gently separate them from the extensions. Create sections in your hair to expose the area where the extensions are installed before gently sliding them out of place. Never pull or yank your extensions. Doing so can cause damage.
Use of incorrect removal glue may cause the tape bonds not to brake properly, which as a result, will cause damage as you'll end up using excessive force to remove the tape in bonds. So, it is essential to ensure that you use a good quality tape remover. Suppose you look after your extensions and get them installed and removed precisely. In extensions won't damage your hair or cause any problem to your natural hair. You should read the instructions when washing or sleeping in your hair extensions to increase their durability, health, and shine.
To summarize, when considering hair extensions, one of the essential things is to ensure that you only book in with a reputable technician. It is imperative to ensure that you opt for a trustworthy expert from the beginning.
Hairlaya aims to offer our customers the most comfortable and non-damaging hair extension experience. Hand-tied extension and tape-in extension are the two least extension methods. And with our certification course, we're confident that everyone could have a non-damaging hair extension experience.
  • Made with real cuticle human hair. No damaging glues, waxes, chemicals
  • Best ethically sourced with great lengths.
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