How long do hand-tied extensions last?

This piece tells you how to make your newly installed hand-tied extensions last and last longer! Generally, hand-tied hair extensions can last for a year or so, depending on how you take care of it!
I just installed hand-tied extensions and am looking dashing and feeling great. I aim to keep this last and use this hair extension for over one year, during which I will take them off for some time to give my scalp a break. Here is some information you must know.
how long do hand tied extension last

How long do hand-tied extensions usually last?

By the time the hair has made it to your head, it has been cleaned, combed, colored, sewn, and treated. Once the hair is installed, it will gradually age and lose its volume and luster a bit. After your first install, you might see a little shedding taking place within the first four months. About six months in, it typically starts getting dryer on the ends, which you will then want to have trimmed a bit so they don't look like dead ends. 
Next, the color will fade more than usual, and the extensions won't hold the paint. Some hair may last about eight months to 1 year. At that point, they will have significantly reduced in volume due to shedding, gotten shorter due to dead ends. That's when it's time to replace the hair. Every six weeks, you need to go to the salon to have your hair moved up.
With Hairlaya, the quality of all their extensions is among the top class. So with reasonable care, it will last over one year and even up to 2 years.
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Haircare tips

Hair care tips

You are taking care of them like your own hair.

Caring for hand-tied extensions can be super simple! You take care of them like you would your normal hair! Use good shampoo/conditioner, heat protectant, good hair oil, etc.!( Heavy oils and silicones are not recommended due to slipping of the beads that are used to install your hand-tied extensions .)

Be careful when washing your hair.

If you are washing your hair at home instead of in a salon, don't rub your hair. Be sure to gently brush the hair at the top of the hair along the roots' strands to wash. As for the bottom part of the hair, wash it naturally.

Do not go to bed with wet hair.

With hand-tied extensions, you're not supposed to go to bed with wet hair (which I never did anyway, so that didn't matter for me!)
Other than that, you honestly take care of them just like you would your real hair. You will find that they are in excellent condition after months, and you can reinstall them once again even when you have them uninstalled for a while!

Where did I find the perfect hairstylist?

You are getting hand-tied extensions near me from hand-picked salons by Hairlaya. My experience made me fall in love with your hair again. You can call the salons close to you to set up appointments with them and ask them for professional advice if you have other questions!
If you are interested, you can learn how to be a professional hand-tied expert by checking out Hairlaya's hand-tied-course to master the skill and add to your income.
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