Stunning Balayage Hair Looks Made with Hairlaya‘s Hand-tied Extensions!


Balayage, a sunkissed color painted on the hair strands' surface, is a smooth and blended stroke of color, giving you a healthy and sunny vibe. The color is gradually saturated through the section, providing the full color at very tips—the following beautiful balayage hair look made by @chelsea.palasek, one of the Hairlaya certified stylists. 


What is Balayage?

It's a freehand hair coloring technique that gives a blended, natural look with no noticeable regrowth lines. Balayage is a technique that doesn't use foils, so it is also called the freehand technique. Your hairstylist will hand-paint color directly onto your hair, creating a natural and blended color. 

Being a softer effect than just dyeing your hair in full allows your stylist more creativity, who may come up with inspired hues like roasted coconut, giving out a heart-melting sense for anyone who set their eyes on it. Soft and subtle, it can be amped up through bold and bright coloring while having a universally flattering effect. It's an excellent method to refresh your color, but you don't want an aggressive overhaul of your look.  

It works perfectly with hair extensions if you want little to no damage to your own hair since pretty much all the coloring and bleaching agents are used on the extensions. The best hair extensions give you more hair volume and the perfect color match, blending effortlessly with balayage hair.

How to use Hairlaya hand-tied extensions to do a beautiful balayage? 

The depth of balayage can vary so much from a few small highlights that it will only take a matter of minutes for a full-on. You can have the stylist get the extensions installed and get balayage one-stop. 

Watch the video below to see how the instructor with Hairlaya (a clip from Hairlaya' s online certification course ) make a beautiful balayage hair look sandwiching 2 different colors:  

There is a whole range of matches you can try out. Here are some examples for you to just give you a glimpse and brace yourself for some gorgeousness!

With a half pack Hairlaya hand-tied extension of 18 inches #24 Beige Blonde#60 Ash Blonde, and #8 Dark Blonde, you are set to get this gorgeous Instagram influencers' look. Check out below for the final look after done. These are all examples, and you can have the hair designed, cut, and styled as you like!

Blonde balayage with Hairlaya hand-tied 24 Beige Blonde, #60 Ash Blonde

With a half pack Hairlaya hand-tied extension of 18" #3 Brown, and a full pack of #12 Dirty Blonde, you get a perfect look like this:

Blonde balayage with Hairlaya hand-tied dirty Blonde and dark brown

With a half pack Hairlaya hand-tied extension of 20 inches #24 Beige Blonde,  #6 Medium Brownand  #60 Ash Blonde, the following shiny, lustrous hair is what you will have:

Blonde balayage with Hairlaya hand-tied #24 Beige Blonde,  #6 Medium Brown and  #60 Ash Blonde

With a half pack Hairlaya hand-tied extension of 20 inches #33 Chestnut Brown, and a full pack of 22 "#12 Dirty Blonde, ta-da! You get the same if not better look than the babe down below! Change your hair at your heart's will today!

Blonde balayage with Hairlaya hand-tied #33 Chestnut Brown and #12 Dirty Blonde

Hairlaya hand-tied extensions are made with 100% pure cuticle human hair that can be colored and styled. It is perfect to have balayage applied. Check out Hairlaya's hand-tied extension to start your balayage experience with the most highly rated stylists close to you!  Find Hairlaya Certified Stylists near you! 

Don't know how to install hand-tied extensions? Get certified with Hairlaya' s hand-tied certification course. 

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